Fatigue and brain fog - what helps?

2021.09.17 00:12 Healthpunk2020 Fatigue and brain fog - what helps?

Since my debilitating main symptoms are fatigue and brain fog, I’m trying to find something to alleviate them.
While D-Ribose seems to be helping against fatigue, it’s not consistently reliable.
Last year anxiety, being on the edge, has been my main problem but it’s completely gone. Now I’m feeling tired only instead of tired but wired, uh..
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2021.09.17 00:12 LiviRivi Elite specs need to have better abbreviations.

So with most of the EoD elite specs announced, a problem that's existed for a while is quickly worsening. We have too many classes that are shortened to the same abbreviation.
The most well known version of this problem started back in PoF when we got the Spellbreaker and Soulbeast; both are shortened to SB. Now we have a similar issue with Bladesworn which would be abbreviated as BS, which as anyone who plays endgame knows is a term already taken. The community got around this by calling spellbreaker SpB, and we could do something similar with Bladesworn but we really should establish something cleaner as a community going forward. There's another game that has a similar problem and came up with a method that we could very easily adopt as a community.
In Final Fantasy 14, the classes are all abbreviated with 3 letters instead of 2, and both give each class some extra flavor and make them easy to recognize. For example, Dark Knight=DRK, White Mage=WHM, Dragoon=DRG. We could easily make similar nicknames for all the elite specs and even the core classes.
Here's a few examples I thought of, but feel free to post your own ideas too.
Core Warrior: WAR Berserker: BSR Spellbreaker: SPB Bladesworn: BLS
Core Guardian: GRD Dragonhnter: DRG Firebrand: FIR Willbender: WLB
Core Engineer: ENG Scrapper: SCP Holosmith: HLO Golemancer: GLM (Just taking a shot in the dark at what Engie's is gonna be called)
This would allow us to leave two-letter abbreviations like BS for Banner Slave without causing any miscommunictions. I hope that gets the idea across and you guys like it. How would you shorten your favorite build?
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2021.09.17 00:12 Zionpul77 Egyptian plague

Why did Pharaoh harden his heart that much.. 1) was it to prove that He doesn't think God exist... Who can even care for people to rescue them 2) or he didn't want to loss his workforce/slaves
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2021.09.17 00:12 mherbek Best banjo cleaning cloth

Does anyone have recommendations for the best cloth to use to clean the wood and metal on a banjo (I have a Deering Goodtime 2). Thanks!
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2021.09.17 00:12 ElChino_SK Partitions on SSD?

Hello guys. I would like to ask if I should split my SSD disk (512GB) on my ASUS ROG Flow x13 (laptop) into 2 partitions. Some time ago I heard that is good to split your disk into 2 partitions, C and D, so on 1 partition u have your OS/Windows, and on another one, u have your files. So when something would happen with your PC, u would just repair the partition with OS/Windows, so your files would not need to be deleted.
Idk if this is still true or not, or if it's just true for HDD disk. I would like to know.
I wanted to do it when got my Flow just a few days ago, but there was no option to do it from the start when I first turned on the PC and did the "Windows starting settings".
I would like to know if I should do it or why/when should u do it/don't do it. Thanks.
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2021.09.17 00:12 gethechange ZexRow comeback?!

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2021.09.17 00:12 NursingManChristDude We need more politicians to vote based on morals, not just to get re-elected

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2021.09.17 00:11 mauzaless [WEB][....-2019]Google-maps styled worldbuilding game

In 2019 (or before) i came across a web site that was a world building... game... where you can create a country on a fantasy google maps styled map, map out every street using websites editor and some kind of programming language, do political stuff with other users and maybe even get rated on how good your country is looking.
I dont really know if i can call this a game or to ask about this one on this subbredit.
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2021.09.17 00:11 wpghomerguy "Something unexpected happened. Please retry

Attempting to reconnect my Nano X and I am following the instructions to a "T" and getting this multiple times.
Any ideas? Do I just need to be patient while Yoroi gets its act together?
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2021.09.17 00:11 GlowerManOffical My new video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyJ_IzpZJMY sorry if it sucks also subscribe.
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2021.09.17 00:11 MarconiFCop Some new fishes!

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2021.09.17 00:11 kananishino Im definitely winning the Halloween decoration at work.

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2021.09.17 00:11 LastSilverBullet [HR] Crimson Call (Part 2/3)

Until ambivalence swallows you whole “Honey, have you heard back from everyone for tomorrow night?”
Björn rested his coffee cup on the kitchen counter. It had gone cold a while ago, and the black contents that filled its interior no longer gave off their familiar swirls of steam. He found his mind drifting again, as though it were searching for something blindly in the dark.
“What’s that?” he called back into the other room.
“The dinner party…” Elsa replied. “Who’s coming?”
“Right,” he muttered to himself, quickly taking a swig of caffeine and clearing his throat. “Well, the Anderssons have accepted our invite, as per usual, oh and your friend from work, Hanna? Is that what she’s called? She rang to say it was fine too.”
“It’s Anna, not Hanna!” Björn heard Elsa laugh. “Do you ever listen?” she joked.
Björn looked out the frosted window into the garden. The lawn was covered in a layer of fresh snow. It glimmered in the soft light cast out by the lamp hanging from the ceiling. Night had fallen and Loke’s house was an inky outline in the background, blending into the sky above. It stood there, waiting behind the picket fence separating the two properties. The inside was void and the lights were off. No car was to be seen in the driveway.
“And Loke,” Björn sighed, “he hasn’t responded, but then again I shouldn’t be surprised.” He drained the last of the drink from his mug and set it down in the sink, kneading his fingers into his temple.
A groaning floorboard cutting into the air indicated to him that Elsa had made her way into the kitchen. Björn forced his eyes back into focus and turned around, offering his wife a thin smile.
“You look washed out,” she said, a concerned expression etched into her features. “Your work’s been getting to you again.” Her auburn hair was like a channel, winding down to her shoulders, the curly locks intertwining on their descent. It was damp from the shower she had just taken.
“I know, my dear. I’ve had a long shift. Too many open cases and loads of paperwork these days.” He paused for an instant, exhaling deeply. “I’ll be alright…”
Elsa strode over and wrapped her arms around his waist, embracing him firmly. He felt her warmth seep into him as she leaned her head against his chest. He loved that about her, how she could make everything feel okay so effortlessly.
Björn closed his eyes as relish swept him away temporarily.
“You know, sometimes I honestly don’t understand why you even bother.” Elsa’s voice soothed him.
“What do you mean?”
“Loke…” She gazed up at him inquisitively, her eyebrows furrowed. “It seems to me that you put a lot more effort into your relationship than he ever does. And I can’t grasp what it is about him that makes you like him so much. After all, this isn’t the first time he’s flaked out on you. And the lone occasion he did come over, wasn’t overly jolly, let’s just put it like that.”
“Well, first of all, it’s not that I adore the dude or anything, let’s get that part straight,” Björn answered a tad defensively. “Listen, I just think it’s smart to get to know your neighbors a little, that’s all. Plus, it doesn’t seem like the guy’s got too many friends around here. Why not help him settle into the community?”
Elsa shook her head as her lips spread. “I hope one of these days you’ll see that being the Good Samaritan that you are isn’t always going to do you a favor. And in this case, I doubt you’re doing him any service, despite your best intentions. But then again, I guess you’ll just have to figure that out on your own.”
“Just give him a chance. You never know what someone may be going through. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge.”
Elsa released him and patted him on the stomach before spinning around. “So we’ll count him out, shall we?” she asked as she left him in the kitchen by himself.
“I guess so,” he uttered weakly.
As Björn shifted his attention back to the somber outdoors, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat crestfallen. Perhaps it was the winter approaching, is what he told himself, which–albeit festive–was never an easy time of year. The neighboring house still gawked at him in the distance.
It wasn’t like Loke to be out at this late of an hour, much less on a weeknight. Björn knew he should worry less, not let that nagging sensation get to him as often, that he really ought to listen more to his wife. Because in the end she was right, he didn’t know anything about Loke. For all he knew he could be anywhere.
“Well that certainly was fun, wasn’t it?” Björn was sitting on the bedsheets, busy taking his socks off. It was Friday, and he looked forward to getting a full night’s sleep without having to fret about setting an alarm and having his work gear ready for the morning.
“You can say that again,” Elsa exclaimed, poking her head out of the bathroom door frame. “I had absolutely no idea that Anna was expecting. I’ve only met her boyfriend a handful of times in passing, and from what I’ve seen he looks like a nice guy. I’m happy for her.”
“Well, I haven’t met him yet, but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life after the way Anna talked about him nonstop for most of the evening.”
“I know, she went a bit overboard, as she has the habit of doing. Navigating social interactions smoothly isn’t a strong suit of hers. I don’t really know her well enough to make a remark about it to her, but she means well. I also found it bizarre the way she sprung the news on us, don’t you think?”
“It did make for a slightly awkward transition in the conversation, I’ll give you that,” Björn agreed. “Not exactly how I would personally go about changing topics, but hey, to each their own, I guess.”
“Particularly given the fact that it was in front of the Anderssons,” she continued, “whom she’d never seen prior to today.”
“Yeah, between that and Astrid having to run to the toilet in the middle of the meal to throw up, I’m not sure things could have gone any worse.”
“A real compliment to your cooking,” Elsa teased.
“Oh, you know, fish isn’t everyone’s favorite. But good on her for giving it a go. I find it commendable,” he replied ironically.
“Poor girl, she should have stayed home had she been feeling ill. Anyway, regardless, not sure Loke would have made things much better,” Elsa chuckled.
Björn had set aside an extra chair for Loke before the supper in the unlikely event he would make an impromptu appearance at the last minute. It hadn’t been touched for the remainder of the evening.
“I suppose not,” said Björn.
Large snowflakes floated downwards lazily outside, swinging rhythmically from side to side like an army of pendulums. The delicate, white dots revealed themselves under the warm street lights, almost enthralling. The neighborhood was quiet, and all was peaceful.
“Björn, are you alright? You seemed… distracted tonight. You know you can talk to me about it if something’s weighing you down a bit.”
He took his time answering, but ultimately decided that an innocent white lie was preferable to broaching the subject again.
“I’m fine, just tired is all.”
As he lay down and shut his eyes, he found himself wanting time to pass by faster, at least in the coming week.
Over the course of the following days, Björn grew ever more anxious. At the break of day, he would drive down the street to go to the office, and each time as he left, he would pass by Loke’s house.
Nothing had changed.
It seemed like every day got progressively darker. He would always wake well before light, and when he got back, it had long since said its farewells. The window of time in which the sun shone was shrinking, and as it did Björn’s sense of urgency heightened, like the end of something was nearing.
On a murky, overcast morning, he arrived at the brick-laden Blodskålen police station like he always did, except this time he thought: to hell with it.
Elsa would say he was being ridiculous, yet it wasn’t something she had to know about. He had looked up Loke’s name in the local database the other day, only to discover that he was currently listed as unemployed, his last job dating back to the end of summer. Björn was out of options and didn’t know what else to do. There was no one he could go to for information, and without leads there wasn’t a lot he could do but sit and wait.
So he did the only reasonable thing he could think of.
He felt bad thinking that if he didn’t, no one else would, but what if that were true? The notion alone sufficed to push him into doing it. Maybe it was all silly, Loke could simply be on vacation, or visiting some family somewhere. It wasn’t as though he had an obligation toward society to constantly inform everybody of his whereabouts.
But Björn’s gut told him otherwise. It had been two weeks now, and he wasn’t waiting any longer.
Thus, when he got to his desk that day he took out the missing persons report he had printed out earlier in the week and began filling it out. He would file it in hopes it would ease his nerves and he would find the answers he was looking for.
At the end of the day, someone in this small town had to know something.
Everything that ensued happened in a flash.
Initially, posters were displayed in the town’s center, where stores and coffee shops teemed with customers in the afternoons. They invited anyone with knowledge on Loke to contact the police department as soon as possible. Flyers had then been sent out to those in Björn’s vicinity until shortly thereafter the news was broadcast on the local television and radio stations, with monetary rewards publicized to incentivize residents.
During his free time, Björn had made posters of his own. ‘MISSING’, is what they read, with an ID picture of Loke along with a short description. Björn had also made sure to jot down his personal cell number at the bottom of each one in addition to the police force details, so that he might be the first to know if anything did by chance come up. He needed to feel like he was contributing, whatever the shape or form that was in. With an arsenal of around a hundred copies, he had spent hours going around the more rural parts of town taping the pieces of paper to anything exposed he could find: lamp posts, benches, building walls and bus stops all got their share.
The population of Blodskålen took such matters seriously, and people were on the lookout, since it wouldn’t be the first occurrence of someone mysteriously vanishing without a trace. The previous year, a man barely into his thirties had done so in July. He was an avid hiker, which made his close friends and relatives convinced that he had lost himself in the woods, perhaps having injured himself, or worse even, been attacked by a bear.
Nothing was ever uncovered in that investigation, and they never found his body.
However, that incident was unfortunately more than just an aberration, as almost every year one or two new cases of the same nature occurred. As a result, various rumors and stories had begun circulating a long time ago. Björn generally tended to avoid the talk altogether, considering the majority of it was hogwash unworthy of being entertained. In reality, people simply weren’t careful enough. In one of the cases that had been solved, a woman had been found drowned at the bottom of a nearby lake they had dragged.
Needless to say, going swimming alone in the colder months was anything but advisable. Nonetheless, some disregarded common sense and still did so anyway. The same could be said for wandering off too far into the forest, which spanned for thousands of square miles.
In spite of logic, a few individuals had opted to leave Blodskålen over the last few years, moving away from one day to the next without a word, leaving their properties behind as though they were relinquishing them. Some part of him could understand them, Blodskålen wasn’t the easiest of places to live, and it probably helped that the select few who abandoned it didn’t have family in the region.
It was their loss, as far as he was concerned. Granted, Blodskålen was remote, but it did have the advantage of being nestled in an idyllic corner of the country, with great access to the outdoors. Over time he had grown to enjoy it here.
Björn spent his days completing the tasks he was supposed to, without really putting much energy into them. It felt like he was doing things on autopilot, a spectator in his own skin. In the beginning, he thought the work would help get his mind off the current situation, but progress had been stagnant, and the job had now become monotonous and all the same. He went through the motions, waiting for something more.
He was typing away on his computer when his phone buzzed, its screen lighting up to reveal a new notification. He swiftly picked up the device and saw the text from Elsa, inquiring as to what time he’d be home. He hadn’t spoken to her about Loke nor how it was that announcements concerning his disappearance had been flooding out across all the different news outlets as of late, but Björn had started noticing the way she looked at him sideways sometimes.
Was it shame that he felt around her? He wasn’t quite sure.
Björn quickly replied to his wife, making sure to include a heart emoji at the end of the message. It was very important to him to keep putting effort into the little things in his marriage, to show that he cared, and that she was the main thing in his life.
He put the phone down and scanned the room. Desks were clustered around, each bearing its own workstation. Light chatter filled the air along with the sound of keyboards clicking away and papers shuffling. Most of his colleagues were around, but some were out on duty. His boss had a glass office to himself adjacent to their common workspace. He was in there now, talking over the phone while pacing and gesticulating, a pen still clutched in hand.
Through the fancy floor-to-ceiling windows Blodskålen’s main street was visible in the distance; neat wooden buildings–all dark red with white contours mixed in for contrast–housing various boutiques nudged a wide cobble road from either side. Small trees spouted from the pavements at regular intervals, although they didn’t animate the street as much now that their leaves had all fallen. They had instead been adorned with colored lights in order to counteract the changing of seasons and try and breathe a little life back into the scene.
Around the town’s hotspot, larger, more modern structures were currently undergoing construction, and near the horizon Björn could even make out the town’s industrial sector, with factories fuming into the misty clouds above, powerlines spanning across pylons and wind turbines turning steadily. A blizzard had recently bulldozed through the area, and everything was coated white.
The swing of a door opening captured everyone’s attention as the chief stepped out of his office and peered around at his men, his hands glued to his hips. He had the sort of presence that commanded a room. His tall stature certainly aided him in that regard.
“Lundkvist!” he called out in his deep voice. “In my office, please.”
Björn got up hesitantly, bracing for what was about to come. He looked at his partner Ravi, sitting across from him, who raised his eyebrows, looking goggle-eyed.
“Good luck in there,” he teased.
Björn smiled before taking a breath and hurrying over to the glass room.
“Why don’t you close the door behind you and have a seat?” the chief said as Björn entered, his fingers tapping the oak surface of his desk in an agitated manner. There was a moment of silence, before he eventually took his gaze off the table.
“I wanted you to hear this from me in person before I go ahead and release the information out to the public. It’s about Loke, that friend of yours, isn’t he?”
Björn thought about that statement for a bit. The two of them had been fly fishing together once. He remembered Loke telling him about the different species that inhabited the region, and what types of lures and bait worked best on each. The experience was vivid in his mind.
“I guess you could say that,” he answered plainly, wishing he could avert whatever he was about to hear.
A pause lingered, before the chief looked him straight in the eye. “Well listen, I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I just received a call from one of our patrol teams. They’ve located his car. It was buried under six feet of snow by the woods. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look good.”
Björn’s heart sank and the world felt heavy again.
He had been right all along.
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2021.09.17 00:11 PartyPlatypus97 Question about Covid Restrictions

Hey Everyone, I will travel to Valencia with a friend in the beginning of October, but would like to know more about the local covid restrictions regarding curfew, masks and clubs/nights out. We are both fully vaccinated. So if anyone could tell me more about any of this that would be great! I've also just joined this Sub so I hope that my post is allowed according to the rules
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2021.09.17 00:11 Sdeal30 Stuck Flying Inside of Space Station

I've been stuck inside a space station for the last few days. Only way I can get out is joining another friend's save, and then any time I try to go back and play solo, because it hasn't saved my position, I get stuck right back in the same space station... I can't warp out, don't have a further back autosave b/c of the multiplayer time, and can't seem to leave or land the ship. I haven't seen any recent postings of getting stuck in the space stations, only the anomaly or capitol ships, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.17 00:11 deadcat_kc Too good for the cone, are we?

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2021.09.17 00:11 shallotbabe does this not bother anyone else?... this is CHILDREN cc

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2021.09.17 00:11 RealGaMan94 Game Summary not found?

Just won a RS 3-2 no disconnection and it shows up as a W in game history but doesn’t count towards my points or record. Can anyone explain this? Fml
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2021.09.17 00:11 lilgerty paranormal/scary encounters

Hi Courtney, my name is Gretta and I love ur videos. Although u probably won't see this I thought I would share a few of my scary encounters, although there are way to many to tell. So here goes nothing. A the time of this, I was living in the same house that I am living in now, I am also going to change my sisters' and neighbor's names just for privacy reasons. My neighbor, Leah we will call her, and my family have always been very close. We are all around the same age so growing up together was super fun, it also meant that we would constantly be over at each other's houses. One night we were over at my house and my older sister, Tessa was trying to scare us. We were in my room, and I remember the mattress being off it's frame in the corner of the room because I was getting a new bed. Tessa flicked off the light and then slammed the door closed, well my younger sister, Jane, Leah and I, were laying on the mattress. Since it was dark outside, the room got super dark. We then ran over to flip on the light switch before the "ghosts" got us. It kinda turned into a game, where we would ran back and forward. Finally one of us got to scared to want to play anymore (I don't remember who but it was probably Leah lol). So I turned on the light and this times locked the door so Tessa couldn't come in again. This is the part I remember so clearly, I reached the bed when the lights turned off again. Even if the lights had just turned off we would still be pretty scared, I mean who could have turned them off? But I could have sworn I heard a little girls feet running down the hall outside the door. At this point Leah and Jane are in tears and I was screaming at Tessa for turning the lights off. Yet when I opened the door, I could hear Tessa downstairs and from the hallway light, I could tell that the light switch was down, meaning that someone or something had to have actually flipped the light switch down. Anyways I still sleep in the same room and this has never happened again, although when ever I talk to Leah and Jane about it, they all describe the exact same thing. (ps sorry if nothing makes sense, i was binge watching ur videos and really wanted to share as quickly as possible lol)
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2021.09.17 00:11 tandyman234 The Sandwich police from Sandwich, Massachusetts

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2021.09.17 00:11 shoegal69 Aftercare - dangling earrings? Cleaning?

Hi all, just got some additional lobe piercings (at Claire's SORRY!) and am about four weeks into the six week healing period. Wondering: are there any tips for care for the first year? When can I wear huggies or dangling earrings? Are there metals you should avoid in the first year? Should you continue flushing with saline for at least six months while it completely heals? any advice welcome!
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2021.09.17 00:11 MTFBoi1837 Gotrax GXL V2 Back tire Problem.

I have a Gotrax GXL V2 Electric scooter and when My brother was trying the scooter he fell and somehow the back tire does not want to move [My brother is ok] I checked for help online but nothing How do I fix this issue?
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2021.09.17 00:11 Femaleloverdan Who to merge and best way to get feathers?

What up gang, I am trying to figure out who to merge and the best way to get feathers. Right now, I have 5 copies of Ares that I could merge, and I would like to know if it is worth it to build him up. I also have Clair, same question for her. Also, what is the best way to get feathers? I tried farming hero merit but it was not very effective for me. Thank you
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2021.09.17 00:11 zevlep [WTS] Seiko 7548-700B JDM Quartz Diver

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2021.09.17 00:11 tracego Spiritbox featured Sam "Blegh" Carter

That's it, it's over, we have reached to the ultimate top core. I don't want to consume music anymore after listening it. A single song is heavier than entire goddamn Architects album and I'm down for it. AOTY contender.
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