Who needs me to rp as charli or addy?

2021.09.16 22:58 Redhood1232022 Who needs me to rp as charli or addy?

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2021.09.16 22:58 BLAZE_WRAITH and finally, after a fair while (and some procrastination) i've finished ep1 of "The Crimson Fallen: Redux 2"

The bridge was a bustling centre of activity, with crew members observing lit monitors, relaying information to the other stations, parts of the ship, and the rest of the fleet. It was a sea of well-organized chaos. Outside the front window a stationary sea of black, with stars slowly streaming past like planes high in the night sky, as well as with the occasional wave of soft blue energy washing over it, and the entire ship, from the jump drives.
Their mission was simple: a group of rebels have reached out to acquire the services of the Red Dawn mercenary company to assist in liberating their planet which was taken over by a criminal empire five years ago. They never had to liberate a planet before, usually they’d took escort missions, bounties against pirates, and supporting in space or ground assaults. Naturally they asked for the ownership of their planet in return, with the promise that they would grant them moderate autonomy in exchange for free anchorage, tax free supplies, recruitment of the population, and a guaranteed home for every member of the Red Dawn mercenaries. They hesitantly agreed, seeing that they’ve ran out of options. Now they’re En-route to an asteroid belt orbiting a nearby Rim-world to come up with a plan.
The captain then got up out of his seat and walked towards the back of the bridge, heading into the room behind it, which branched off into 4 halls, one being the bridge, the 2nd being the meeting room, the 3rd being the officer quarters, and the 4th being the boss’s room, and in the middle was a lift heading down to the decks below. He slid his access card and opened the door to the boss’s room and walked inside, taking his cap off, and stood at attention
“At ease captain” a feminine voice replied to his presence. the captain relaxed his shoulders a little before placing a folder onto the boss’s desk. Inside were several profiles of the rebel representatives who would be attending the meeting, their complement of ships, and the coordinates of their meeting
“It should take us about a day for the fleet to arrive in the system, and a few hours after to arrive at the meeting site.” the captain said
The woman grabbed the file with one arm, looking through its contents thoroughly. The faint pulses of green energy coursing through her Archotech arm as she held it. She looked to be around her early-to-mid 30s, with straight black hair reaching a fair measure down her back, and a pair of crystal-clear blue eyes that almost seem to emanate a slight glow. She also wore an unzipped leather jacket with a white shirt, and a pair of ripped jeans
“And that's it?” she asked curiously, lightly dropping the file back onto the desk before looking back up at the captian with a raised eyebrow
The captain simply nodded, knowing that this was all the information they could get. The boss leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes, took in a deep breath and sighed before bringing out two glasses and a bottle of some unknown brand of rum before pouring it out into both glasses and sliding the second one towards the captain.
Meanwhile, somewhere else in the ship, in a large hall that resembled a training room. Dumbbells and bottles of water were left on the ground as a crowd of people stood gathered, watching 5 others fight against one older looking man; all were wielding long poles. No matter how fast and ferocious they fought, the older man batted away their strikes, gave a quick strike with the end of his pole, or tripped them up by going for the legs. As he finished taking his attackers down one by one, he rolled his shoulders and took off his sparring helmet, his rough face and stubble was drenched in sweat which he then wiped off, dragging his hand through his short spiky brown hair before wiping it off on his vest.
While the others who were watching the fight were somewhere in their mid 20s, the well-built man that stood before them looked to be in his mid 30s, and looked like a mix between commander Creed from 40K and Arnold Schwarzenegger but with less muscle
“Lesson today; even though we have weapons capable of snatching the life of another from across a city, you can still get merked by someone with a rusty piece of metal if they get close enough, so knowing how to fight back is incredibly important. Hit the showers and we’ll continue on your CQC training tomorrow”
The large group then disbanded, with them grabbing their towels and drinks as the men and women headed to their respective showers, chatting while they walked. Inside the boy’s shower, two recruits were discussing about the recent sparring session.
“Damn, that guy is brutal as all hell. Did he really have to go all out?” groaned one of them, lying on his back
“Yeah, that bastard outright tenderised me. Who the hell is he?” the second one asked, rubbing his bruised body.
“Well seeing you guys transferred from the 2nd fleet, I doubt you’ll know him” said another, which caused the pair to turn their heads towards him, expecting an answer. To which he rolled his eyes and took a seat.
“That person there was Roth, he’s one of many legends amongst the Red Dawn. Long story short, the boss was raiding a world in the mid rim, a Midworld, 18 years ago. There she found five kids with potential; Roth was one of them.
“5 kids with potential? that sounds like the plot of one of those Saturday morning hero cartoons” the second one interrupted jokingly
“Continuing on. In the field, he’s an accomplished commander capable of thinking of strategies to outmanoeuvre and outsmart his opponent, using the minutest of flaw to achieve a quick victory while keeping friendly casualties to a minimum. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s incredible”.
He then goes on about a few missions he’s been on with him. From managing to bring down a large pirate battleship by landing on it and planting explosives near the engine causing a power surge and disabling the ship, before the 1st fleet came and destroyed it. Another mission on a Midworld, with him using the city’s sewer system to bring three companies of men behind their lines and catching the enemy pincer, wining the fight.
“Wow, I never knew he was such a badass” the first one said in disbelief, as he can't believe anyone from the other four fleets have heard of this guy.
“You'd think the tales of his exploits would be passed on through crew transfers across fleets, but no. Only us in the 1st fleet know about him and the other four” said the third guy
Apart from him, there's Matchlock, an ace sniper who is known as the Grinning Reaper for the fact that he’s always smiling when in combat. Apart from providing overwatch support, he’s been assigned to several assassination missions involving taking out terrorist leaders, political dissidents, and even a Stellarch by blowing his shuttle up with a rocket launcher whilst in a freefall. He's also known for writing a few novels, mainly fantasy ones, but are of great quality, and well enjoyed by the crew. He generally gets along well with the others in the fleet, being a good talker and a good joker. But when he’s not practising his aim, or interacting with the crew, he’s usually hold up in the holo-room with a nice forest being simulated as he writes his stories.
Another one of the elites of 1st fleet is Tack, who works in logistics. He's a serious fellow who doesn’t listen to the stupid excuses of his subordinates. He is an incredibly efficient person, managing the group’s supply lines between the different fleets and outposts across several sectors of Red Dawn aligned territory. Without his logistical aptitude, then several planetary combat engagements would have gone poorly. A lot of the crew sees Tack as somewhat cold and only caring about results, he’s even butted heads with Roth due to his unorthodox tactics and way of thinking. but when he’s not balancing check books and doing spreadsheets, he likes to cook for the rest of the four elites, with his meals being thoroughly enjoyed by them.
After him is pick, who’s a bit of a loony, but when it comes to digging trenches or setting up static defences, he would put an Imperial Fist to shame. Though his drawback would be his obsession of digging, with him growing up in a mining town. As such, when he’s not digging, he gets a little antsy; but thanks to some experimental Full-Dive VR tech they looted from one of their jobs, he can be occupied with a digging sim. But when he’s not obsessing about digging, he’s usually seen wandering around the decks aimlessly.
And finally, Beau. An odd case that guy, preferring mechanical tinkering and inventing over social interaction, he rarely talks as well. Though the concerning part about him is his affinity with explosives and explosive materials, with him managing to build military grade explosives out of basically anything, which often leads to some sort of accidental explosion. But if you need a bunker taken down, a building demolished, or a dam busted, Beau is there for you.

The boss has called for a meeting in the centre of the ship, a large central room with corridors heading to other various parts of the ship. Set up around were several tables and chairs, a few long tables with an assortment of food including a large grill and beer cooler equally large. Almost everyone onboard was gathered, as several others needed to work in the engine rooms and bridge to make sure the ship doesn't ram it’s bow up some random giant space whale’s ass...which they almost did once.
The crew were chatting amongst themselves; small things, like what they did today, the mission yet to come, and general banter and memery. They were all wearing their uniforms but were also wearing their off-time clothes as well; jackets, hats, sunglasses, and other accessories helped broke up the drab sea of black and grey Synthread. Roth and the other 4 meanwhile were wearing some nice suits, with Roth substituting his formal blazer with a dark cowboy-like jacket.
On the floor above, the captain called for everyone's attention. What they saw caused heads to turn and jaws to drop as the boss walked forward for everyone to see. Her black Hyperweave dress in contrast with the red Devilstrand trim fluttered in her wake, and her silken smooth black hair was draped over her shoulder. Her presence was an elegant, yet intimidating, sight.
“it's so lovely that you’ve all gathered here. It’s with great joy to know that the Red Dawn, my masterpiece which I've cultivated over several years and brought over the best of the best to stake our claim on this galaxy, is soon to evolve from just a few fleets of mercenaries, to owning an actual fucking planet. In a few hours we are to meet with our clients to secure this deal. But in the meantime, feel free to help yourself to the food and drinks. It's my gift to such an amazing group. But try not to get too drunk and embarrass me Infront of the clients; were mercenaries, not pirates”.
As she finishes her speech, the DJ started up the music, most of the crew lined up at the food tables, some taking a seat, and others getting jiggy with it on the dance floor. Pick, Beau, and Matchlock headed to grab a few drinks, and tack headed to grab something to eat, as he’s been doing nothing but paperwork all day in preparation for the mission. Roth meanwhile took a seat and let out a relaxing sigh. He knew that once they land this contract, and complete it, the galactic mercenary guild would recognise them as legends. Even those stuck-up, pompous, pricks of the Steel Lance would have to admit that Red Dawn are superior to them. But such attention is not without risks: rival mercenary group being “hired” by the crime syndicate who owned the planet, galactic empires and republics that would feel threatened that a simple group of mercenaries were able to gain control of a planet, or an influx of new members with some having the intent to sabotage the fleet or harm the boss. All of these weighed on his mind, thinking of several outcomes and responses to their jump in power. But all of these were washed away as he felt the touch of another person on his shoulder. It was soft, silken even, and whoever it was seemed worried. He looked up to see the boss looking down at him, interested in what he’s thinking.
“Oh...uh...hello boss” he said with a surprised look on his face
The boss simply smiled and pulled out a seat, sitting next to Roth
“Roth, you know you can call me by my name, right?” she chuckled, amused at him still being professional despite her knowing that he’d had a crush on her since they first met. Occasionally she’d tease him from time to time, making little jokes, giving him special treatment, and other things...SFW things, if you’re thinking differently.
Eventually he couldn’t stand her smug look boring into his head.
“Fine Carla, you win” he said, letting out a defeated sigh as he rubbed one of his temples
She cracked a wholesome smile and caressed his cheek, which made Roth smile a little while blushing. Though he did have to turn away to give an intimidating side eye to some eavesdroppers, causing them to turn away in fear.
“I knew you’d brake sooner or later” she whispered into his ear in victory. Caused Roth to groan with annoyance in his head.
Time passes, with the pair talking about the group’s future plans and some old stories. But Roth then voiced his fears about what's to come, which caught her attention. She said it was nothing to worry about, the guild has guidelines to not attack other mercenaries that are registered with the guild. As for the other governments, if they wish to fight a war with them, then they would have to fight the entire guild as well. This thankfully brough an ease to Roth's worries, but only part of it. Fortunately, Tack arrived with two full plates of food and sat down next to Roth, opposite from Carla.
“Commander, boss” Tack politely greeted both of them “this party is pretty alright. A lot better than your 32nd birthday, which was a logistical nightmare thanks to Pick and Beau hiding all the computer mouses. I hate doing paperwork on paper” he groaned, cringing at the bad memory, cramped hands, and papercuts. As he was talking about that though, a thought came to Carla.
“let's hope those troublemakers don’t decide to mess with you when preparing the logistics for the invasion. Having the 1st to 7th fleets all together sounds like a nightmare in of itself, doesn't it?” she said as she put on her classic teasing smile. Tack simply smiled back, which caught her off guard
“Fortunately, I've been in contact with the other fleet captains and their logistic heads to pre-plan a spreadsheet, with some leg-room for any extra intel the rebels give us. I also put it into several categories: sieges, space battles, ground battles, skirmish, special ops, and a few other”
Both Carla and Roth were taken aback. Tack was one for being efficient, but he was never this efficient. In fact, he was almost bordering on Mechanoid levels of efficient, which was extremely worrying. Tack then continues by explaining about parts of his system, from how he innovated requested items are selected, labelled, and sent, to him redesigning the way the data on assets are stored for easier access. All of it was rather boring, with his drivel almost putting both Roth and Carla to sleep. Fortunately, Roth came up with some sort of quip that managed to break the bland conversation and instead he asked Tack what he would do once they claim the planet. Surprisingly, he said that he would most likely leave the 1st fleet to help rebuild and improve their logistic system before returning. Roth felt somewhat upset that one of his 4 friends would be leaving the group, even though they somewhat butted heads. Carla then decided to break up this somewhat saddening conversation.
“speaking of your team, I haven’t seen match, pick, or Beau since the party started. I think it might be a good idea to find where they went” Carla said, trying to break up this somewhat saddening conversation. Roth looked around; they’re not at the food queue, nor the bar”
“Yeah, now that you say it, they should be back by now” Roth said confused before turning to Tack, seeing if he has a solution
“Finding them won't be hard, I've planted an emergency tracker into everyone's uniform in case of missing crew or if they go missing in the field, so all we have to do is...oh...never mind” Tack cut short, realising that they haven’t been wearing their uniforms. the next best thing would be for the pair of them to head to one of the security rooms and search for them on the cameras while Carla stayed behind to enjoy the party and mingle with her crew.
After searching the security feed history, they found that they are at the escape-pods. Why they were there was beyond them, but at least they knew where they were. The pair casually walked down several corridors, passing some menial androids doing cleaning and minor maintenance work. The boss managed to pick a few of these up after sending a deep strike lead by Roth into a pirate asteroid base. They found them after voiding the station, sucking everyone out. And thanks to Beau, he managed to get them working for the boss.
After a few minutes of walking, and wondering what the others have gotten up to, they’ve finally reached the escape-pod corridor. According to the camera tracking, they were in pod 121. When they opened the door, on the other side was matchlock, and pick laughing while Beau was passed out on the escape pod’s floor. As quickly as Roth and Tack opened the door, their faces jerked to look at them, with a look of “oh shit” plastered on their faces
“So, this is where you guys went? we missed you at the party” Roth said with disappointment. But while he was reprimanding the pair, he failed to notice the black waist high conoidal object. Tack meanwhile, had realised what this was, causing his eyes to go wide and his jaw dropping as he recoiled away from the door, stuttering as he tried to speak
“w-why the hell do you have a hydrogen fucking warhead in there with you!?” he yelled in shock pointing at the thermonuclear danger cone
The pair looked to the warhead, then each other for a few seconds before pointing to the passed-out Beau who's still lying on the floor. Roth simply facepalmed after getting over the shock of Tack yelling. Instead of staying here and worsening a mild headache, he grabbed a can and stood up saying he’ll be in the next escape pod.
As he sat down, he cracked open his can of beer, taking sips while Roth chewed out pick. He knew he’d be next so instead of worrying all he could do was close his eyes and try and relax. It was also his first-time drinking, and he had to resort to mixing his beer with some energy drink, but now that he was sufficiently drunk, he could at least handle the beer’s bitter taste on its own.
After hearing Roth berate pick, he decided to head back to the other pod. But as he was about to step out, suddenly a weird feeling hit him. It was like his gut was tightening, sensing that something is wrong. About a second later, the doors on the escape pod shut hard as the lights inside the hallway and pod went red, and a loud siren wailed throughout the ship
“Roth, Roth what the hell is going on?!” he yelled. Unfortunately, the walls were too thick for him to hear. Luckily, he heard Roth's voice over the short-range comms. It was a little spotty, but he could at least understand what he was saying
“Match, you good?” asked Roth worryingly. Matchlock let out a sigh of relief and melted into one of the seats before responding
“Yeah, I-I'm good. What about you?”
“The bloody escape pods shut us in, we’re trapped” Roth replied frustrated as Matchlock could hear him kicking the door.
Some time passed and Carla’s voice was heard over the ship-wide emergency intercom, her voice loud and firm
“Attention all crew, we are under attack! Ships belonging to the Steel Lance have jumped into the system and are attacking our fleet, they seem to be escorting a large Mechanoid hive for something. Everyone reports to battle stations immediately!”
Meanwhile on the bridge was a flurry of activity with everyone rushing about relaying information to the rest of the fleet. Carla fortunately have ordered an evacuation with the rebel contacts onboard who were cowering in Carla's office. A green light seemed to be emanating from the mech-hive; pulsing slowly but picking up in pace. Before they could jump out, a beam of golden-green light shot out and enveloped Carla’s ship. Sparks flew everywhere as whatever this blast was, it was causing malfunctions in several ship components while making the whole ship shake.
“Status report, what the fucking hell just happened?!” Carla barked, biting her lip in frustration
“Unknown sir, potentially Archotech in origin, but it caused several of our systems to go haywire” one of the crew replied as she was trying to help get everything under control. Fortunately, the pulse core was still working meaning they could jump out of the system. And with a few bypasses and system tweaking they’ve managed to jump out of the system as well as the rest of 1st fleet. The new coordinates were a massive shipyard where they would be getting repairs seeing that not only their ship’s electronics were damaged, but the other ships in the fleet also took a pounding. They would also meet up with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th fleets to plan their invasion. Still Carla pondered why the Iron Lance attacked them. The guild forbid fighting between companies in the same guild. Maybe they changed to some minor guild to circumvent this rule and other restriction the guild placed. Maybe Roth was right; a job like this could attract unwanted attention. She just sighed and poured out a large glass of her rum while mixing in some energy drink.
On the other side of her desk, nervously sat the three rebel delegates. They were quite shaken about what happened, though they started to calm down after Carla gave them a shot or two. They went asked a few questions about their attacker, which Carla answered, they went on to talk about the job. They told their story of how the pirates convinced several of the crime groups and paid off planeside mercenaries to help overthrow the government and take control over the world, and it has remained that way for five years. They then asked for the terms of Red Dawn’s assistance, of which hasn't changed; ownership of the planet, and giving the people some degree of autonomy. Though she did have to add on some extra costs seeing the danger the fleet was put in. Eventually she managed to get mining rights to their asteroid fields as well as some refineries.
As they continued to negotiate, an officer entered the room to give his report. Several systems were damaged, but fortunately the redundant ones were still functioning, the crew only suffered minor injuries from being tossed around, and several escape pods were launched during the surge.
“What about Roth and the others? Are they alright?” Carla asked worried, fiddling with a piece of fabric on her dress. Wich was appropriate seeing she never saw them after they left to find matchlock, pick and Beau
“Unfortunately, we were unable to find them anywhere on the ship.” he replied “but we do know they weren't voided, as there were no hull breaches or any airlock failures”
The boss was utterly dumbfounded. How could five of her best men disappear from the ship into thin air. She started to think of some stupid reason; the Iron Lance teleported them onto the ship, their main weapon causing a malfunction with the pulse core sending them into another dimension, or they fell into a crawlspace somewhere and they’re lost. The more she thought about it made her more and more worried. Where are they really?

Matchlock woke to the wailing cries of sirens the jostling of the escape pod. He struggled to stand up, with turbulence knocking him back down. Eventually, he managed to get a footing and dragged himself to one of the windows. Outside he could slowly see the planet get closer and closer, seeing the outside of the pod glow as he started to enter the atmosphere. He quickly rushed towards a seat and strapped himself in as tight as he could. He then reached for his comms and tried to contact Roth to see if hes alright
“You guys ok, how copy over?!” he blurted out
“This is Roth, Good copy; we’re alright. How about you, over?”
Matchlock was relieved that the others were still ok, but he didn’t have time to take it in. He quickly asked where they were. The responded that they were falling through the atmosphere and heading towards some mountains. This was concerning seeing that Matchlock was heading towards a temperate forest near some wide-open plains. Quickly he asked Roth to transmit the coordinates of their landing site so Matchlock can go find them. The next few minutes were hell as the escape pod violently shook constantly. All he could hear was the automated system going “impact in five, four, three, two, one” and after that, the dark took hold
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2021.09.16 22:58 Aerotyne69 What are some great games to try out, board games, card games, video games, etc?

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2021.09.16 22:58 GeoMainSav Got Engulfing Lighting for Raiden and gave skyward Spine to Xiao, what do you think?

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2021.09.16 22:58 alfredepic01 How would the story change if Springtrap was bugs bunny

I think he would be breaking 4th wall a lot and he will avoid deaths because nobody can stop him since he is a cartoon character
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2021.09.16 22:58 Shalom1991 [Xbox] [h] turtle cert burnt sienna quimby Beach blast crate [w] [PRICE CHECK]

I have a burnt sienna quimby that is RL beach blast series, want to know what it is worth.. can't find another one or anyone that has it up for trade
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2021.09.16 22:58 Gepeto99 About a year ago I finished watching Twin Peaks. This is me now, what a journey

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2021.09.16 22:58 BMWF22 Vocal issues

I have an audition next Saturday and as we have been getting closer I feel I’m getting worse at signing. I will have to sing “somethings coming” and “Maria” from WSS and from last month I began taking vocal lessons for the first time in my life. Things were going great, but my past two lessons I’ve been struggling to sing Maria. Never mind the crescendo of the song, I’ve struggled with “Maria, say it loud and there’s music playing”, which I’ve been able to sing fine before then. My falsetto (which is usually quite good) also seems to weaken greatly when I practise this song, which isn’t great because it’s obviously needed for the ending. I’m just really worried I’m going to bomb this audition, which would honestly destroy me because Tony has been a dream role since forever. Any tips? Thanks for reading.
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2021.09.16 22:58 Galactical-Edge What would happen if a computer that reached an unstable condition didn't stop itself (via BSOD, Kernel Panic, etc.)

Earlier, my computer at school blue screened, but it restarted in the blink of an eye.
I now wonder what would happen if the computer didn't blue screen and instead kept going on.
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2021.09.16 22:58 livelovelaughSD [H] CashApp, Venmo, Verified PayPal [W] Walmart, T-Mobile GCs

I'm mainly for larger denominations ($100+, but am willing to negotiate smaller ones)
Definitely willing to be flexible with rates depending on payment method as well as the GCs.
I will NOT go first unless you are experienced+
Please comment first and state where you got the GC (source) via chat or pm, or I will NOT respond to you - thanks
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2021.09.16 22:58 duckfloaty this might actually be the dumbest idea ive ever seen

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2021.09.16 22:58 lahoyav9 Marx , "το κεφάλαιο"

Καλησπέρα ψάχνωντας να βρώ το βιβλίο να το παραγγείλω είδα οτι υπαρχουν πολλές Διαφορετικές εκδόσεις ... Κάποια έχουν 300 σελίδες αλλά 400 και υπάρχουν τόμοι όπου ο καθένας είναι 1000 σελίδες+.Αυτοί που το έχουν διαβάσει αν μπορουν να πουν αν αξίζει να παρω τας βιβλία με 300-400 σελίδες, που υποθέτω θα είναι λίγο πιο περιληπτικά σε σχέση με τους τομους... Η χάνεται τελείως το νόημα?
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2021.09.16 22:58 MasterBejter Koje rukavice za boks bi preporučili početniku i di ih kupiti

Ako ima neki boksač tko se razumije. Trebaju mi xiaomi rukavice, sto bolje za sto manje ili barem razumno para da ne kupim bas neki šrot.
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2021.09.16 22:58 Consistent_Try8728 [WSIB] Im looking for an relaxing kingdom builder!

Like the title says im searching for the best kingdom builder for me. For example games i played and like:
Banished, Patron, Foundation, Humankind, Anno, Kingdom Reborn, Civ, Kings and Castle, Cities: Skyline
Top priority should be building with little to none war elements. Prefering the medevil setting. Not too complicated as im searching for a brainout expierence.
Thanks for your suggestions
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2021.09.16 22:58 MatchCaster Post-Match Thread: Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 Fenerbahce

Eintracht Frankfurt - Fenerbahce UEFA Europa League - Group D - 1 FT: 90' Eintracht Frankfurt 1 - 1 Fenerbahce Match Info Date: September 16, 2021 Time: 19:00 (UTC) Venue: Deutsche Bank Park Referee: Maurizio Mariani, Italy
Lineups Eintracht Frankfurt - 4-4-2 Starting XI: Kevin Trapp, Danny da Costa, Evan N'Dicka, Martin Hinteregger, Erik Durm, Daichi Kamada, Djibril Sow, Kristijan Jakić, Filip Kostić, Rafael Santos Borré, Sam Lammers Subs: Diant Ramaj, Makoto Hasebe, Tuta, Jens Petter Hauge, Ajdin Hrustić, Timothy Chandler, Almamy Touré, Stefan Ilsanker, Jesper Lindstrøm, Aymen Barkok, Gonçalo Paciência
Fenerbahce - 3-4-3 Starting XI: Altay Bayındır, Serdar Aziz, Min-jae Kim, Attila Szalai, Bright Osayi-Samuel, Mert Hakan Yandaş, Luiz Gustavo, Ferdi Kadıoğlu, Mesut Özil, Diego Rossi, Enner Valencia Subs: Osman Ertugrul Cetin, Berke Özer, Filip Novák, Muhammed Gümüşkaya, Max Meyer, Dimitrios Pelkas, Arda Güler, Fatih Yiğit Şanlitürk, Mergim Berisha
Match Stats

Eintracht Frankfurt Fenerbahce
3 Shots On Goal 5
1 Shots Off Goal 4
4 Shots inside box 9
1 Shots outside box 3
5 Total Shots 12
1 Blocked Shots 3
14 Fouls 6
3 Corner Kicks 3
8 Offsides 2
56% Ball Possession 44%
0 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
5 Goalkeeper Saves 2
428 Total Passes 336
74% Pass Accuracy 69%
Match events 0' KICKOFF!
10' GOAL! Scored by M. Özil (Fenerbahce)
41' GOAL! Scored by S. Lammers (Eintracht Frankfurt)
72' Substitution: J. Hauge for R. Borré (Eintracht Frankfurt)
76' Substitution: M. Berisha for E. Valencia (Fenerbahce)
76' Substitution: D. Pelkas for M. Özil (Fenerbahce)
77' Substitution: M. Gümüşkaya for F. Kadıoğlu (Fenerbahce)
77' Substitution: M. Meyer for M. Yandaş (Fenerbahce)
83' Yellow Card for M. Meyer (Fenerbahce)
86' Yellow Card for Luiz Gustavo (Fenerbahce)
90' GOAL! Scored by D. Pelkas (Fenerbahce)
90' (Fenerbahce)
90' Yellow Card for B. Osayi-Samuel (Fenerbahce)
90' Yellow Card for K. Jakić (Eintracht Frankfurt)
90' Match whistled off
Player Match Stats Eintracht Frankfurt
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Kevin Trapp 7.2 92 0 0 32 1 0
Kristijan Jakić 7.2 92 0 3 29 20 6
Filip Kostić 7.2 92 1 2 18 10 5
Sam Lammers 7.2 92 2 0 15 14 1
Evan N'Dicka 6.9 92 0 0 68 7 0
Djibril Sow 6.9 92 0 2 37 10 0
Danny da Costa 6.7 92 0 4 63 17 3
Daichi Kamada 6.6 92 0 1 27 4 2
Martin Hinteregger 6.5 92 0 0 60 6 0
Rafael Santos Borré 6.5 72 0 2 32 13 1
Erik Durm 6.3 92 1 2 39 9 1
Jens Petter Hauge 6.3 20 0 0 4 0 0
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Mesut Özil 7.6 76 2 1 25 5 0
Luiz Gustavo 7.5 92 0 3 26 7 2
Mergim Berisha 7.2 16 1 0 1 2 0
Serdar Aziz 6.9 92 1 1 31 10 1
Min-jae Kim 6.9 92 0 1 35 6 2
Attila Szalai 6.9 92 0 3 47 8 1
Enner Valencia 6.9 76 1 0 18 22 6
Altay Bayındır 6.7 92 0 0 24 0 0
Bright Osayi-Samuel 6.7 92 0 1 27 10 4
Muhammed Gümüşkaya 6.7 15 0 1 3 2 0
Dimitrios Pelkas 6.7 16 1 0 3 4 1
Diego Rossi 6.6 92 2 0 25 14 2
Ferdi Kadıoğlu 6.5 77 0 1 27 11 1
Mert Hakan Yandaş 6.3 77 2 1 34 8 0
Max Meyer 6.3 15 0 0 9 2 0
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2021.09.16 22:58 cromcru Patrick Kielty: One Hundred Years of Union

Well I have to say I feel so much better now that he’s shone a light on the feelings of loyalists, which go utterly unreported normally.
And people openly endorsing nationalism don’t actually exist until 56 minutes in.
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2021.09.16 22:58 shikibom8 Colder, colder and colder

This is more like asking for opinions if I did the right thing to break up with him or not.
I had a bf who I dated a year and a half. We were in a secret relationship because my parents doesn't allow me to have a boyfriend. Let's call him Chase. At first he was so sweet, he posted me on his stories. He wasn't toxic like the guy I dated before him. He listens to me when I'm down. He's a pretty chill guy.
However as the title stated, the gradually became colder. I'm not the type who gets angry when my boyfriend doesn't post me on social media but I questioned his change, his reason being he's a private person. That once guy who listens to my problems became a robot who automatically responds "suck it up" . I started to feel taken for granted and neglected. I address this I think three times in our entire relationship but there was no changes. I told him several times that he's being coldhearted but he didn't change and sometimes laughed it off if I address it in a jokingly manner.
At around our 10 months we got caught. Our parents asked us to split up first and focus on my studies (I was a 2nd year college stud) however we got back together because we missed each other so much. I expected that he will become sweet to me (I addressed it to him that) yes he did, for only a couple of days and he reverts back to being this cold "suck it up" AI chatbot whenever I rant my problems to him. His reason being he got problems too. At one point I address to him that I have needs to as a girlfriend, but yeah he just brushed it off. Since he has some problems, I always understand him. I stayed because I loved him
NON VERBATIM: Me: do you love me right? (it's a flirty, sweet, cuddly tone) Him: you even ask that when we're already a year? Me: you're so cold 😭 Him: suck it up. I'm going thru sht and all. Being cuddly doesn't go with it. It's not compatible Me: I understand but you can't be like this all the time, I have needs too Him: I always update you, but not as cuddly as before. My situation became worse than it is Me: Oh okay (This was the time my mother got hospitalized)
In our 1 year anniversary I beg him to spend time playing this online game that we often play together. He did but after we played he said "look I already took the time off for you. I supposed to do the laundry today happy now?"
At one point I got tired, even asked for a tarot reading to my friend's girlfriend even though I don't believe in tarot reading. I was so desperate but eventually I got used to his automatic "suck it up" response.
Months later we talked about how this couple we know split up, our conversation lead to me asking him if he is falling out of love and his response was he's in a situation where he ended up in the middle. I don't like half-assed commitments and feelings and I gave him an ultimatum. I gave him a day to think if he wants to continue the relationship or not. Then after a day he said he couldn't because he doesn't want to do something that can ruin the relationship. He wanted to focus on himself.. I kept asking him if he was so sure about his decision and I might change my feelings. He said it was final and it's fine if ever I do. I gave him a lowkey warning again that if I still have feelings to him he can come back. But his decision was really final. And we separate ways.
A month and a half later he came back claiming that he has BPD (a mental illness, undiagnosed) and he still loves me but I already have feelings for another guy. He was so heartbroken but I can't be in a relationship with him if I already fallen for another.
Today my present bf is the opposite of him. He was sweet and consistent. He helps me when I'm down even though he had problems too. Our understanding was a two way street. I'm happy with my current bf.
Thanks for reading. I want to know if it is right to end things with Chase? And what do you guys think? I don't know if this is the right subreddit to post on. I'll delete this if it's not the right sub. Thank you for reading this long post
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2021.09.16 22:58 vox_repeater Help needed: Superfuzz into HX Stomp sounds terrible

So, I've posted about this problem before in this thread, but although a lot of helpful community members came up with suggestions for how to solve my problem, nothing fully worked, so I'm posting again in the hope that someone else has an idea that will solve this.
I'm using the HX Stomp as my recording interface, amp sim and Swiss army knife effects unit. I love the ability to reamp the signal, double (or triple, or quadruple, or..) up on tracks and tweak the sound as it is needed for the mix.
However, one of the integral parts of my sound is Superfuzz style fuzz sounds for guitar. And no such pedal that I've tried so far sounds acceptable into the HX Stomp. There is this high end fizz overlaid on the sound that ruins it all. I've provided a sound example of this in the attached Soundcloud recording. In this recording, the Superfuzz side of my Dwarfcraft Silver Rose is going straight into the input of the HX Stomp, with a US Deluxe Vib amp followed by an Ownhammer Deluxe Reverb IR, and some light plate reverb. First, I demonstrate the clean sound (which is good), and then the scooped fuzz mode on the Silver Rose, and then the mid-boosted fuzz mode. The problem is especially prominent in the scooped mode, as I take it that most listeners will be able to hear. Superfuzz pedals are supposed to sound nasty and extreme, with a velcro-like quality -- but this sound just isn't right.
By contrast, I can link you to a little recording I made of two other Superfuzz style pedals into the Two Notes Le Clean preamp with built in cab simulation, straight into my interface. While the Le Clean is much more limited as an amp simulator (it really only does one sound, with no tweaking whatsoever possible of the cab emulation), this sounds good to me, without the problem displayed by the HX Stomp in this use case.
It doesn't make a difference if I run my fuzz into the input of the Stomp or in the effects loop. Changing the impedance settings doesn't help much -- I can at best remove a little bit of the unwanted fizz, but at the cost of dulling the whole sound so much it becomes uninteresting. The closest I've gotten to getting rid of the problem has been to put a 10 Band EQ in the HX chain and completely cut the highest frequencies. This has given me a sound close enough to what it's supposed to be to be okay for me to jam around with in headphones and sketch out ideas. But I am now laying down tracks for a release, and this just isn't gonna be good enough for me to want to put it out there in the world with my name on it.
I should also mention that I've tried to eliminate the explanation that this could be something having to do with how the Helix's amp and IR processing handles signals, by taking all of that out of the HX chain and running an Atomic Amplifire Box as my amp and cab modelling after the Superfuzz in the effects loop of the HX. That still sounds bad in the same way -- even though the Amplifire Box + Superfuzz combination sounds good directly into my Focusrite interface. So I'm suspecting there is some weirdness going on in how the inputs of the Stomp handle the impedance from this kind of pedal? In a way that can't fully be rectified with the help of the impedance setting on the input block of the Stomp.
Alright, that's all of the relevant info that I can think of right now. Does anyone of you kind Helix redditors out there have any further ideas about what could be going wrong here, or any ideas about what more I could try to do to solve the problem? As it's currently looking, I'm gonna have to record all my parts that require these sounds without the Stomp (using my Amplifirebox into a regular audio interface), thus losing out on the benefits of being able to reamp with the Stomp (and also necessitating that I keep all these parts of my setup for when I move the next time, rather than be able to use the Stomp as my all in one interface and amp simulation solution).
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2021.09.16 22:58 fullsend27 H: Snallygaster plushie plan W: SBQ plushie plan

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2021.09.16 22:58 candyforniad 🐟Ember Tetra🔥 FAIR LAUNCH TOMORROW Sept. 17th 8 pm UTC | 🔥Get in EARLY! |💎Huge Potential | ✨Great Marketing Team | Active Team and Driven Community |✔️Liquidity LOCKED and BURNED Supply!

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Recommended slippage: ~15%
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2021.09.16 22:58 UsoReddit Battlefront 2 Family Guy Meme

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2021.09.16 22:58 MostlyRimfire Adder Arms (Egineered Silence) gamechanger.

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2021.09.16 22:58 iamblueyoot I been seeing many c skin posts lately so...

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