How a 7-year-old Orillia girl is helping rescue the at-risk monarch butterfly

2021.09.16 23:43 yyzworker How a 7-year-old Orillia girl is helping rescue the at-risk monarch butterfly

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2021.09.16 23:43 sommartomte 3000exp for sending/opening a gift - 6837 1179 6366

Hello community! I’m Looking for players to send/open a gift for an easy 3000xp! Dont worry if you are playing somewhere rural - im living on top of 3 stops so i have plenty if you cant send me one!
Hit me up - 6837 1179 6366
Copy and paste your code below for easy access to other players! Lets go!
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2021.09.16 23:43 at_kafa Beyler bu videoyu mutlaka izleyin sonuna kadar bu çok önemli, herkesi ilgilendiriyor, 1 saat önce piyasaya çıktı bu video

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2021.09.16 23:43 Badger_Ass_Face [MCU] When Dr Strange uses the time stone on an apple, bites are shown getting taken from the apple. Shouldn’t the apple rot?

Does this imply that the “future”of the apple is to be eaten? If whomever wanted to eat it decided not to, would that make the apple rot?
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2021.09.16 23:43 wwaarrddy I just find it so weird.

Not 1, not 2, but 3 extract campers on Interchange. all spread out over the hill by Emercom Extract. It's so odd.
I didn't even have anything good, the good stuff was up my butt.
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2021.09.16 23:43 BabyFaceEater Offloading 4 Tickets to Sasha and John Digweed

Willing to take whatever offer you have. Can’t use them and don’t want them to be wasted. Can figure out how to transfer however works for you.
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2021.09.16 23:43 luluzinhasebolinhas Sindicato e Empreendedorismo

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2021.09.16 23:43 Sisi21cent I suddenly despise my boyfriend

I though he was high value but I was wrong. He wants to cohabitate before any sort of commitment. His family is as low value as it comes. I wasn’t aware until I met them.
I’m breaking up with him this weekend.
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2021.09.16 23:43 Megarachi The Duck and The Duck are Ready to Fight!

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2021.09.16 23:43 annatheginguh The Bayou Ain't All Bad - Red Dead Redemption 2

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2021.09.16 23:43 iitzzFerny Azlef. Adding 5. 8023 0738 9141

8023 0738 9141
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2021.09.16 23:43 zeviolett two of my ocs, levi & kenny <3

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2021.09.16 23:43 GameHoard Phantom Thief Sylphy (PC)

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2021.09.16 23:43 krste1point0 Today GME was following the price action of TLT aka 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond ETF.

TLT chart:
GME Chart:
I don't know what this means just sharing so this gets more eyes since it seems interesting.
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2021.09.16 23:43 Jazzlike_mich1136 What the F**** did I (23 F) do to my Boyfriend (24M)? I cheated 7 times, but Listen me out

Before I start please dont hate me.
I have been dating my on and off again boyfriend for 2 and a half years. I love him endlessly, but we both have a lot of issues. We both struggle with mental illness. Me having type 2 bipolar disorder and he is struggling with depression. We were only a couple of months into the relationship when I cheated on him with a guy I had know for 4 years. I automatically felt guilty, the thing I regret to this day is not tell him. The truth is I know he would have left me if I had told him that it happened. I made a promise to myself that I would never do it again. Now there was an in-between period where everything seemed to be great. We hit our one year anniversary and things couldnt get better. Then there came the fight we had. It was our very first fight and I know im acting like a hypocrite when I say this. We were out on a date his female best friend sent him snaps of her lingerie with some " Im drunk messages." It wasnt that he tried to hide it from me. It bothered me because before she came out as lesbians they had dated, but ended it as soon as it started. The fight lasted about a week, but we got through it. since that fight it was an on again off again relationship. Sex became difficult on my end and it seemed like he wasn't as loving as he was before the fight. Now comes the horrible part. I started going on dating apps. Tinder, bumble, okcupid you name it. I started having one night stands for about 4 month. 6 different guys. Im a horrible person. Now the 7th is where the biggest problem comes in. I started developing feelings for the 7th guy. I really really like him. he doesnt know I have a boyfriend and if it isn't obvious I never told my boyfriend about any of these guys. I dont want to lose my boyfriend nor do I want to lose this guy. do I confess to my bad behavior? I should mention that throughout this entire time I was on and off my medication as well and Bipolar people are prone to be hypersexual. I dont know what to do. I really dont want to lose my boyfriend. our two year anniversary is coming up soon and I dont know what to do.
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2021.09.16 23:43 Exact_Perspective508 METAVERSE! TRADING DAY SEPT 16TH UPDATE! BUTTERFLIES!💎🦋

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2021.09.16 23:43 hbalmer Car seat restraint

Car seat restraint help
I have a 1998 Chevy Silverado K1500. Is there anyway to install a anchor so I can use the tether strap on my kids forward facing car seat?
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2021.09.16 23:43 ResplendentOwl How can I get the scroll guy to read the scroll for me?

The vendor makes it sound like he can cast scrolls I buy for me. Would be great to be able to rez and restoration and get tidied up inside of town. With just my main character, I have to buy things, party up, drag my corpse party member with me, find a zone, zone in, then cast. Bit of a pain, especially since he tells me he reads scrolls as a service.
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2021.09.16 23:43 Billtheguide Roasted tomato soup

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2021.09.16 23:43 Sweet_HarmonyXx Trading normal octopus for 2 Cerberus potions dont matter

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2021.09.16 23:43 TheMaeflowers Unpopular Opinion: Joe is a Creep

I know I am going to get so much hate for this but Grocery Store Joe, everyone's sweetheart is a huge creep. Everything I have seen from him on this season is huge red flags.
Every one seems to be giving Kendall so much flak for going on the show, but it seems as though Joe was dodging conversations with her. (Obviously we only know what we see and my interpretation could be completely wrong) The way that it came off to me was that, he was only willing to have conversations if it was about her moving to Chicago. Everyone is bashing her for not moving but he was so adamant about it having to be Chicago that it doesnt seem like he gave her any compromise in the situation. The vibe it gave off was "either you move here or you don't love me and we won't work". Not one person (that I've seen) has pointed out that nowhere did he ever suggest he move, it was always that she wasn't willing to try and you can't make things work if you dont try. Well where was Joe trying in that situation?? No one has called out that selfish behavior and he just seems to be everyone's sweetheart.
Now onto his relationship with Serena. He is 35 and she is 23. He found a young woman he could groom because his last girlfriend wouldn't conform to exactly what he wanted from her. The age gap is strange, especially when you think of the vastly different areas a 23 year old and a 35 year old should be in their lives, save for maturity.
That relationship to me doesn't give me the warm and fuzziness it seems to give everyone else, it grosses me out whenever I see them and truly I think Joe is a creep taking advantage of a young woman.
Again, there's no way of knowing the whole story and I could be completely off but the age gap is enough to unsettle me, and the conversations with Kendall only reinforced it. I dont believe Joe is the nice guy he pretends to be.
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2021.09.16 23:42 Clearly2020 Where is edgors data? I’ve put nullifies all around his office near the orange indicator and nothing.

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2021.09.16 23:42 YassQueenOMG Fixed Gacha heat

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2021.09.16 23:42 OriginalAccount69 SAY IT

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2021.09.16 23:42 annatheginguh The Bayou Ain't All Bad - Red Dead Redemption 2

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