Trippy story based game to play while tripping?

2021.09.17 01:05 DeadSoul7 Trippy story based game to play while tripping?

Gonna trip tonight, got any good recommendations for trippy story-based games maybe with some action elements? Third or first person but please no top downs.
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2021.09.17 01:05 Icakwesta_ Taurus vs Andromeda

whats the diff between the connie taurus and andromeda?
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2021.09.17 01:05 hitchtrailblazer anyone know how much it costs in total to expand Canterlot and/or Sweet Apple Acres?

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2021.09.17 01:05 globuler What’s the cheapest place to buy cardboard for laying over a large area?

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2021.09.17 01:05 SK0h Plz help me remember the name of this anime

Hello, i can't remember much about this show except its slice of life/romance. Two of the side characters has an interesting relationship in that the girl likes the guy, but they guy obsesses over this idol. Except the idol is actually secretly her...but he doesn't know... i also remember they're in some school, but i cant remember if its high school or college.
The only other thing i remember is that the idol does a fan meet, and the guy shows up, but he just simps for her and still doesn't know its his school buddy that likes him.
Ty in advance. Sorry if its not enough info lol. (I cant remember the main character's romance cause these two stole the show from me lel)
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2021.09.17 01:05 hohyahbrother check me

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2021.09.17 01:05 Somebumbleingmoron97 2000 Ford Escort the official car of nursing home parking lots, Hungry Man tv dinners, and weekly lotto tickets

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2021.09.17 01:05 Klutzycactus420 Oh dear lord

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2021.09.17 01:05 urnot67 What’s the new system changes?

Any ideas? It’s scheduled from Sep 13 to Sep 20…
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2021.09.17 01:05 pm_me_reddit_memes 2021 California Recall mod CONCEPT

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2021.09.17 01:05 AnAbsoluteYoke Refusal to haul

Is it just me or is the concept of 'No I am too good to pick up these eggs, this rock, that gun, etc' a bit maddening? Like how do you just decide nope my days of picking up things are long behind me.
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2021.09.17 01:05 Patee_melon My new Power Storage area

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2021.09.17 01:05 worldnewsbot Thousands protest in El Salvador after bitcoin made official currency

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2021.09.17 01:05 SuchWow-bot SuchWow #3991 - I got this

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2021.09.17 01:05 Leather-Yesterday197 How will governance be paid out?

So it will be 3 month intervals at anywhere between 7-33% ive read. Is this correct? When are they supposed to release how to enroll?
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2021.09.17 01:05 DegenerateLikeU make a normal sentence but put an emoji that just doesn’t sit right with it.

EX. Uncle Mark died💀
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2021.09.17 01:05 Background-Trust-639 :)

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2021.09.17 01:05 C3customsllc Custom monster models

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2021.09.17 01:05 horvatitus Extra HistDAO

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2021.09.17 01:05 LovesTia Hold my paw

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2021.09.17 01:05 TN_Egyptologist Stela of Sethi-er-neheh

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2021.09.17 01:05 mythical_69420 Yo what the fu-

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2021.09.17 01:05 pokemon-pikachu7 THE FRUSTRATED GAMER pause challenge

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2021.09.17 01:05 ZarickE Why are you attracted to anime characters?

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2021.09.17 01:05 Mnations Spirit of…

So in a good bit of fantasy there are spirits/gods. Gods of Thunder, spirits of vengeance and so forth. But what determines if a spirit/god is going to be a spirit/god water or fire?
In my story spirits need an anchor to interact with the physical world. So if a spirit is anchored to a lake it is a lake spirit. If it is anchored to a house it is a house spirit. If a spirit is under a contract that will also act as a limit on its powers. Spirits of mercy can only heal. Gods of War can only create weapons and other things related to warfare. Also spirits can change their anchor and get a new contract this changing their limitations. So what about your story? What makes a tree spirit a tree spirit?
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