Why You’re Probably Better Off Buying Bitcoin Than Bitcoin Futures ETFs

2021.10.28 14:23 thumbsdrivesmecrazy Why You’re Probably Better Off Buying Bitcoin Than Bitcoin Futures ETFs

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2021.10.28 14:23 FitDiet4023 Anyone else?

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2021.10.28 14:23 Infineet Rise of the Tomb Raider, Control Ultimate Edition, Dragon Age Inquisition Will Be Free For Amazon Prime Members Next Month

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2021.10.28 14:23 eesahe Do you think using UE5 on the new Macbook Pro Max would be feasible?

I know Epic's Unreal Engine 5's current early release version does not support M1 (Lumen and Nanite don't work). And Epic and Apple are currently in a feud and all that. But since Mac is supposed to be a compatible platform for UE5, it would seem strange if M1 support is not eventually coming out for it.
Another thing is I'm thinking about the M1 Max 32 core GPU performance which has benchmarked about equal to a mobile RTX 3060 running on low voltage. Even if the software compatibility will be there, do you think the M1 Max would be a reasonably good value for developing with UE5?
If it's feasible, I have some artistic endeavours (demoscene like art) I would like to attempt with UE5 that would benefit from all muscle available. I would then go with the 64GB / 2TB version (more complex scenes and 3d modeling workflows possible). Otherwise I would go with a 32gb / 1TB for my day job as software developer and look to update around 2023-2025 if 3/2nm is available then.
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2021.10.28 14:23 Musheroome Danish (T)rap Collection!

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2021.10.28 14:23 YeXavier 🙌🏽💎

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2021.10.28 14:23 inksamaproductions So I had asked for you guys to choose who to draw my character as. However the vote closed at a tie! Let's break it!

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2021.10.28 14:23 geente Metagangstas is giving away 222 unique and original NFTs on the 15th of November. Follow, RT on Twitter and drop your Ethereum address here to get a NFT

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2021.10.28 14:23 BrendaBeeblebrox How do you know if your Liquidity pool AMM isn't going to be a rugpull?

So, I'm pretty new to yield farming, I took a basic look into the posts on this sub and realized that there are so many AMMs and liquidity pools where you can park your money for yield farming. But, I was wondering how you guys decide whether it's safe? You could list top 10-20 AMMs that are known to be safe or point me to an article or other resource where I could get an idea about it.
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2021.10.28 14:23 Worker-Own See through floral appliques lingerie.

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2021.10.28 14:23 SkillsTooDope Why the Rec is so sweaty..

So first off I would like to call myself a semi casual player who happens to be friends with comp players (some in the league but others are simply sweats). The reason why the comp/sweaty people play the rec is simply because they get more rep for doing so. For example, if you beat a team by 40 with an A+ in pro-am you would get significantly less XP than doing that exact same thing in the rec. I love playing the am but my friends prefer rec so they can rank up faster on their battle pass. I keep seeing these false accusations of reasons why the sweats play rec but this is the truth.
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2021.10.28 14:23 KirbyLoreHistorian There are 82 games in the NBA season.

Calm the fuck down. We were going to lose two games this year. Yes the Ben Simmons stuff is annoying, yes I wish Embiid could stay healthier, yes Doc should make some smarter decisions. All that being said this is a very talented team, just because we lost two games does not mean the end of everything. The Nets and Lakers have also lost two games and I'm gonna guess they will be fine just like us. Take a breathe and enjoy the beautiful game of basketball.
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2021.10.28 14:23 Ninjacjs04 Looking for a parting shot incineroar

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2021.10.28 14:23 sganiexty Are there any fics where the world ends or something catastrophic happens?

I'm interested in something where the Heroes (maybe some villains) team up to save the world.
The closest thing I got to it is those Time Fix-It Fics.
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2021.10.28 14:23 Cannabisclouds710 BOOST 4 BOOST?

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/ThEmTXhcJkb
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2021.10.28 14:23 cynogriffin I have about 30 pens in my collection and some well over $800, and still this is one of my favorite pens (Pilot Prera- F)

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2021.10.28 14:23 Alaee19 Downloading tinder has just made me more depressed about how garbage my life is right now.

I hate this current mid life crisis I am having, I hate it so much. Good old 26 year old me, is sitting here realising how completely trash her life is right now and decided hey, why not download tinder to you know make me feel better and hopefully find someone chill. I've never used tinder in my life, not once never been my thing because I usually don't care about being alone, but tonight just hit me hard. I saw all the posts from my friends who are getting married and having kids, and we jump to the point of downloading tinder.
My dilemma, there is no in between with any of these guys, these are all men my age who either A- Have their full shit together with their lives and are looking for one night stands or someone who also has their shit together (there's nothing wrong with one night stands, you do you just get consent).
Or B- There are men so desperate for any female attention or relationship that it's so insanely unattractive.
I don't know what I expected downloading it, but it wasn't this at all and now I just feel worse about myself.
Honestly though, I'll be fine in a few weeks, it's just weird being alone after spending so long with someone, I think I just want company.
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2021.10.28 14:23 Alternative-Bus8875 Carnage (Marvel) vs Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

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2021.10.28 14:23 frontofthewagon Is this the Black Swan event?!! https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1513095/kim-jong-un-north-korea-black-swans-famine-hunger-food-shortages-covid

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2021.10.28 14:23 Wickednw Liza cifaldi

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2021.10.28 14:23 georgeontrails Porqué piensan que Boric sería el presidente para acompañar el proceso constituyente si ninguno de los partidos con los que tendrá que gobernar firmó para eso?

Boric firmó el acuerdo para escribir una constitución. Pero, va a tener que armar gobierno con gente sacada del FA y del PC. El PC abiertamente no quería CC, quería (y creo que aun quiere) lucha de clases. Y en el FA se emputecieron porque Boric los habría subido al carro de la constituyente de un ala. Yo creo que Boric va a tener que transar o cambiar muchas cosas de sus ideas y probablemente roce con sus ministros y secretarios, especialmente los que llamaron a "rodear la convención".
O sea, le deseo lo mejor porque todo indica que va a salir, pero igual quedo escéptico de los resultados.
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2021.10.28 14:23 EricPlayz951 One of my teachers has Dippers hat.

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2021.10.28 14:23 Blast2408 Pack de Fireplata Descargar: https://onlypackhentain.blogspot.com/2021/10/fireplata.html

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2021.10.28 14:23 PalmettoSteve Vapes being literally lit up

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2021.10.28 14:23 popupp321 19F looking for a chat before I go to shower I'm lazyyy :/

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