Script to show when a ticker was last traded?

2021.10.28 15:43 SubieGee Script to show when a ticker was last traded?

Does anyone know if there is a script to have a label on the chart that shows when the last time a ticker was traded? Mostly I would like to use this to quickly look and see if I have traded a ticker before to avoid the wash sale rule.
Thanks for any help!
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2021.10.28 15:43 RefrigeratorGreen287 Lsa bate forte mesmo?

tô com umas sementes de argerya tô querendo consumir mas será que vai bater MUITO forte?
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2021.10.28 15:43 Elite_KirkCousins Honors College

Hey all. Im applying to SU soon and am wondering how the honors college works. Do I apply after I'm admitted or is there a separate application I have to do before?
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2021.10.28 15:43 MinionsEye New Story Mode cutscenes won't appear!

I'm playing the New Story Mode on PC and it's going well but I've notice that in some parts it feels like I've skipped an animated cutscene. I'm pretty sure the game is skipping animated cutscenes automatically for me, as I do not click during it and it skips instantly.
I'm currently seeing the skipped scenes on YT to see what I've missed.
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2021.10.28 15:43 Middle-Trouble-8822 Hot Girl Fart.

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2021.10.28 15:43 cheeseburgers125 TheBLockZone

has someone ordered from theblockzone if yes whas it worth it?
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2021.10.28 15:43 theFettster Waited for the pictures of the GWG-2000 to be released, then bought the 1000 instead. Lol.

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2021.10.28 15:43 joeace3 We are creating a toy for Children at St. Elizabeth School.

Hello Everyone, Every semester at UMBC, the class of ENME 204 is tasked with creating a toy. This is a project from a partnership with St. Elizabeth School for students of special needs at Baltimore Maryland, whereby the students create a small toy for the students to have fun and play within an event. This semester our group is tasked with the same thing.
We are a group of students at UMBC from the ENME 204 engineering class. And this time alongside our research, we wanted to go a bit broader with our toy and get perspectives from a wider range of people for our toy as well. And thus we came to this community. We have a short survey of about 10 questions, all multiple choice. We hope we can get your help in this. Thank you very much in advance!
Here is the link:
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2021.10.28 15:43 Neihlon What’s the level of detail of changing country borders?

Thinking about buying the game. Some videos I see the troops advance in tiny bits, but others, it’s almost by province. Which one is it? Is it by massive areas at a time or tiny bits? Or it is a mod or option that changes it?
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2021.10.28 15:43 RandomMemer_42069 10000 iq play by meta

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2021.10.28 15:43 throwawaytroubled223 Not sure what to title, just feeling awful.

Hi, I'm an 18F with a 22M boyfriend who I love with all my heart and have been together for almost a year now, we are LDR and recently met up for the first time a week ago and were together for two weeks, it was amazing. A few months ago, I had done something really stupid and awful. The short story is I posted a nude online of myself and received a DM from a man 20 years older than me and heard what he had to say. I had talked about it with him the night right after it happened, but left out the second part. I was guilt ridden and regret consumed me for months, and I told him the full truth 2 days ago.
We had a long talk about it and he forgave me and said he will be on the path I take with therapy and loving myself, it was very heart to heart but I'm leaving out the details, either way it was a good conversation all around and my conscience has been better after setting the truth out, but I am struggling VERY hard with forgiving myself, especially because I know I hurt him. He has been cheated on before by his exes a lot as well, and I feel as if I'm on the same level as them. He said I didn't cheat, but took a step on that road, but I really do feel as if I have.
I've had a lot of time to dig into what led me to doing this. For context I've had a very rough life, domestic abuse(bio dad and mum), homelessness, a mentally unstable and suicidal family, absent father, sexual assault and exposure to porn when I was young. My life is a lot better now, as it's just me, my mum, sister and our cat living happily together, and my stepdad comes down to see us every now and then.
I have a diagnosis of depression, body dysmorphia and autism, and I suspect I may have hypersexuality. At the time I did it, I had been very sexual in my past relationships although they were all online, even before I was 18, and although I hadn't sent explicit pictures they were provocative, which I of course regret a lot, but I suppose that's what clouded my judgement on the night I posted, and of course a very sever lack of impulse control (which I am now in better control of).
I'm on a list for therapy which I'm just waiting for, but I'm doing my best to better myself in other way (gym, eating better, getting outside more). But I still feel awful, the regret is definitely still chewing at me, BF suggested I should talk to someone about what happened so I can get an outside perspective or support, so that's what I'm here for.
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2021.10.28 15:43 Oprymea 🔮 Readings available on my Etsy shop: Tarot, Lenormand, Pendulum, Cowrie Shells and specific Astrology answers 🔮 Paypal also accepted 🔮 Link to Etsy shop in comments

This is my Etsy shop: I offer a number of divination techniques, all with the intent of helping and clarifying your situation.
If you feel drawn to me, please check out my Etsy shop or DM me here on Reddit.
Have a great day 🔮 TarotByTsuki
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2021.10.28 15:43 Mundane-Mage proposed format for rp profiles posted here

Ratings Preferred:
Age group(avoid an adult accidentally agreeing to romance with a 12 yr old):
RP Preferences:
Characters(add art of them if you want):
Willing to RP:
Not Willing to RP:
Additional Lore:
Permission to Make Creations of:
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2021.10.28 15:43 gautham_jpaul Out in India!!💪

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2021.10.28 15:43 bot_neen Reunión de la Comisión de Pesca.

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2021.10.28 15:43 Malorn5478 Act 3 hell Mephisto

Can anyone help me with Mephisto on hell on playstation? I am having a hell of a time with all of these lightning immune enemy's on my javazon
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2021.10.28 15:43 Kirillkrm In addition to the main story campaign about four cute but unlucky heroines, the Green Furries DLC about the team of their rivals - four greedy and insidious goblins - was released for the game. Playing for them, it is unlikely that you can feel like a hero (rather the opposite)

In addition to the main story campaign about four cute but unlucky heroines, the Green Furries DLC about the team of their rivals - four greedy and insidious goblins - was released for the game. Playing for them, it is unlikely that you can feel like a hero (rather the opposite) submitted by Kirillkrm to PixelArt [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 15:43 doppefeatte2x Web 3.0 is an integral part of ensuring a secure, permissionless, dececentralized and trustless framework of the global internet system and accords freedom back to its users. Here's how that will happen and permanently change it. Its concept is similar to defi, giving ownership back to its users.

Web 3.0 is an integral part of ensuring a secure, permissionless, dececentralized and trustless framework of the global internet system and accords freedom back to its users. Here's how that will happen and permanently change it. Its concept is similar to defi, giving ownership back to its users. submitted by doppefeatte2x to ethereum [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 15:43 andrianodia Voy a publicar mi juego en Steam y les cuento un par de cosas que me hubiera gustado saber antes de empezar [Update]

Han pasado ya casi 3 meses y voy a contarles tanto como se me ocurra!
Como preambulo: MIL GRACIAS a los que me recomendaron Payoneer. Me pedi la tarjeta y puedo usar ese dinero con paypal, retirarlo al cambio oficial (ja!) y pagar mas assets! Conseguí ya mi primer pago y deliré unos días en una nube endorfinosa. ¡Me mandaron dolares y recibi dolares, de no creer! No es mucho, no garpa ni a palos todo lo que costo, pero esta bueno tener una compensacion aunque sea pequeña de mi hobby :D
A continuacion mas data:
-Tengo acceso a las fechas de descuento de Steam y de antemano puedo planear los descuentos! Lei que es recomendable ir aumentando de a 5-10% los descuentos hasta llegar a 50 o 75, lo que mas se prefiera. Deberias tardar aprox un año en llegar al limite.
-La gente COMPRA en Steam. Se que suena estupido pero en mis años de habre tenido 1 venta sin descuentos y 5-8 ventas si ponia el juego al 100% y me daban propinas de 1-2 dolares. (Menos Paypal, comisiones y demas quedaba en 30 centavos efectivamente al dev si te dan 1 dolar, si te dan 10 quedas en 6-7). Es poco, pero si no hay descuentos, obtengo 4 ventas por mes (a precio full que son 15USD). Para el release tuve aprox 50 ventas y 10 ventas a lo largo del resto del mes con un descuento de un 10%. Ojo, soy un Indie e hice publicidad con un par de posts y nada mas.
-Despues de la publicacion del juego, descendio a 3-4 ventas mensuales. Es muy importante aprovechar el trueno
-Tengo 350 wishlists que con algo de suerte se van a ir convirtiendo en ventas a lo largo del año. Es importante notar que mientras mas vieja se hace la wishlist menos chances tenes de convertirla en venta. Imagino mas de uno aca debe tener juegos en el fondo de su wishlist que están ahi más por inercia que por un deseo de compra. (Y me juego que varios tienen el Factorio y no saben que ellos nunca van a dar descuentos segun anunciaron lo cual en mi opinion perjudica mas sus ventas de lo que les ahorra)
-Cometi el error de no participar en el tabletop fest. Escuche que hay devs que consiguieron hasta 15.000 wishlists siendo completamente indies! Para la proxima no dejo pasar ni una más
-Tuve un 50% de devoluciones :( Mi juego es dificil de entender asi que hice un update y expandí un poco algunas cosas para disminuir ese numero. Usé una las 6 balas de atencion que da Steam, junto con el update de contenido y un descuento de 40% este Halloween. Esto es debido a que puse un precio un poco mas alto del que deberia asi que veré si esto subsana mi error anterior. ¡Vamos a ver que tal va!
-Preparé un mail con gifs y se lo envié a varios streamers, veremos si consigo algo de atención. La forma de hacerlo es ir a youtube, buscar gameplays de juegos parecido al tuyo. Busca videos que tengan muchas views y cuyo streamer publique a menudo. Despues anda a su perfil y en el About tiene que salir su mail despues de comprobar que no sos un bot. Les recomiendo vean el video de TotalBiscuit sobre como crear un mail visible para streamers, es viejo pero vale la pena!
-Las reviews de llaves gratis no cuentan para el rating del juego gente!!! (N-n-no es que le diera llaves a mi gente cercana para que lo arrivoten, baka!). Obtenes una nota pasada las 10 reviews (Muy positiva, Variada, etc.), si conseguis buena nota tengo entendido que recibis un pequeño boost a tus impresiones por alto rating asi que si compran mi juego y lo ratean me harian muy feliz ;) (Mentira mods, no me baneen por publicidad!)
-Por dia tendran una saludable cantidad de impresiones y clicks al juego. Pero si tienen suerte el algoritmo de Steam (ni idea porque) los va a agarrar y les va a dar una exposicion que les multiplica esas impresiones por 100
-¡Usen el sistema de curadores para promover su juego! Los curadores son copados, tuve dos picos gracias a ellos, es importante que los elijan con cuidado. La mayoria agarra los keys y no van a decir nada mas, algunos son mas copados y ratean a todos los que reciben. Van a tener que investigar bien antes de elegir a los que les aparezcan.
-Si sos un gamedev te recomiendo ir a gamedev y gameassets/ grandes consejos y assets gratis por igual!
Bueno, eso es todo. Mi juego se llama Smithy Wars, pueden buscarlo en Steam o itchio. No voy a poner el link porque sino me agarra el automod y me como una pausada de post de la gran flauta.
Yapa: Voy a sortear unas keys de mi juego a los que escriban la frase "Dame el juego!". Va por orden de llegada!
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2021.10.28 15:43 GucciOreo Did AGS just completely block people from launching the game?

I am trying to launch the game right now and it says "Content Files Locked". Did they really just completely shut down the game because of some bugs
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2021.10.28 15:43 savethebumbles How to communicate with a friend of almost 10 years who has a victim complex? I called her out for neglecting her pets after biting my tongue for so long—

and her boyfriend told me she’s really upset with me (could sense that already as she stopped responding.) I’m an empath and it’s been hard even going to her place because I have to be around her animal friends. I’ve tried to be super patient with her, trying to gently educate her on their needs but it hasn’t changed anything. she cries when they die so I know she has a good amount of empathy but then it nothing happens until another dies, when she’ll start crying again and saying she’ll do better.
I’m giving her some space right now because there’s no point trying to talk to her when she’s this upset.
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2021.10.28 15:43 justindeath76 What do you think?

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2021.10.28 15:43 Estou_cansada3108 A professora salvou a minha sanidade

A um tempo atrás eu tive uma professora de artes muito foda. Embora ela não fosse o tipo de pessoa que eu geralmente tenho como amigo ( acreditava em signos, teorias da conspiração e magia), ela era muito legal.
Tínhamos conversas constantes sobre vários desenhistas, pintores, autores e etc.
Eu adorava a aula dela, porque ela era muito alegre e sempre dava abertura para piada.
Bem, um dia ela fez a turma inteira fazer um desenho em preto e branco ( mais ou menos no inicio da quarentena), era um dever da matéria dela e tínhamos uma semana.
Gastei umas 3 horas de um dia lá, para fazer um desenho do Itachi que ficou muito tosco. Ridículo ao nível extremo.
Enfim, embora falhando miseravelmente, eu gostei da experiencia. Sempre achei que não tinha jeito para desenhar, que as pessoas nasciam com esse dom, que não era para mim. Depois daquele desenho que ela obrigou a gente a desenhar por nota, eu comecei a me esforçar para desenhar personagens. Comecei com personagens de Naruto, seguido de outros animes, quando achei que já tinha jeito com anime, parti para o estilo Comics que é muito mais díficil.
Esses dias eu consegui finalmente desenhar super heróis de corpo inteiro e cabelo, e eu tava olhando para os meus desenhos ( que eu nem acho tão incríveis) e pensando o qual maravilhada a minha eu de 2 anos atrás ficaria ao ver esses desenhos.
Ficar focada em aprender algo e melhorar essa habilidade, me fez manter um norte durante a quarentena. Mesmo na pior parte dela, eu ficava centrada em melhorar meu desenho.
Eu acabei nem falando para aquela professora o quanto ela me ajudou, ela saiu da minha escola por problemas de saúde, espero que fique bem com ela.
Se tiver algum professor aí, só saiba que embora nós (alunos) sejamos uns babacas barulhentos, vocês ainda vão ajudar e mudar muitos de nós algum dia, mesmo que nem saibam disso.
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2021.10.28 15:43 PincheCharroSuertudo Dicen que en las nubes uno ve lo que más quiere en la vida

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2021.10.28 15:43 Nick1985_PBI Basic Tabular Editor Question

Hi, I am just learning to use Tabular editor scripts to automate creation and have what I am sure is a super basic question.
I'm using a basic script to create SUM measures on selected columns. If I preferred to write these to a blank table I use for measures, where would I add that to this code?

// Creates a SUM measure for every currently selected column and hide the column. 
foreach(var c in Selected.Columns) { var newMeasure = c.Table.AddMeasure( "Sum " + c.Name, // Name "SUM(" + c.DaxObjectFullName + ")", // DAX expression c.DisplayFolder // Display Folder );
// Set the format string on the new measure: newMeasure.FormatString = "0.00"; // Provide some documentation: newMeasure.Description = "This measure is the sum of column " + c.DaxObjectFullName; // Hide the base column: c.IsHidden = true; 
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