7kii8 2zi4n tbyrz sf4rb zn429 nr6zf isty5 shr49 5ibn4 268rh 9a243 zeds5 k4i7k bnyte yirz2 eitb3 5b4r5 ra9ys 47ha5 ydeez i383i Gold 4 Rumble mid LF jungle duo partner that wants to put in effort to learn and improve together |

Gold 4 Rumble mid LF jungle duo partner that wants to put in effort to learn and improve together

2021.11.27 15:00 jamalspezial Gold 4 Rumble mid LF jungle duo partner that wants to put in effort to learn and improve together

I'm a Rumble OTP, my mechanics are okay but my real strength is map awareness and understanding macro, invading and roaming with jungler, forcing plays in lane and zoning the shit out of people at turret, pushing with herald. I like to set up plays, I'm always confident in making calls and I know how to end games. If the last teamfight needs me to sacrifice myself for a super fed carry I will do it, I don't play for KDA but I don't mindlessly fight either. I'm always thinking about map state and win conditions. What I'm looking for is a jungler who will play around me and let me guide our mid-game. if I tell you to follow me and look for picks you will follow me, get on their carry and I don't even have to be close to shred with my ult. I usually run approach velocity + nimbus cloak so my ult, flash + ignite will always get me into the action fast. I don't need you to be a mechanical god but atleast understand the map, basic macro and try to get me ahead early but if another lane is doing well or is just better to gank I don't mind getting 0 ganks. Mid-game and late-game you're confident that if you get on the right carry and even if you die, I will clean up and win that fight. (I don't expect you to trust my plays right away but it will come) I don't want someone with weak mental, this is low elo so there's almost always a chance to get back in the game and most people don't know what to do with leads anyway and will usually throw it all away. I know I can always be useful with Rumble, I play other champs too but I'm trying to focus on Rumble as a OTP and I have been climbing very well with him. I would prefer someone who plays: Nocturne, Vi, Kayn, Amumu, Qiyana, Diana, Jarvan, Master Yi, Rammus, Warwick, Zac. Other champs are fine but these are my preferences that have good synergy with Rumble.
Maybe I sound like an asshole in this post but I just know what I want and need in a duo, I played jungle before so I understand your role decently. I LOVE helping you out, I'm almost always first to help with scuttle, rift or drake and I'm very good at noticing if you're fighting river or get invaded.

PM or reply with your op.gg and tell me a bit about yourself and your playstyle! Would prefer people over 23 but 18+ is fine.
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2021.11.27 15:00 KateValentine31 How to get 1911 Pistol in Farcry 6?

I've been trying to get the 1911 pistol not for gameplay advantage, but just because it looks cool imo. I've googled how to get it and all Google has told me is that you can get it either from finding FND Crates that might contain it, or to build Guerrilla Garrison. I didn't want to go around and look through every FND container across Yara for it, so I built Guerrilla Garrison. However, after building it there was no 1911 pistol in sight. Then I saw if you upgraded it you could get better weapons. So I went around and got tons of Metal and tons of Gasoline and upgraded Guerrilla Garrison to max, and still no 1911. Am I missing something or is it just random what guns Guerrilla Garrison can give you? If so, guess I have to look through tons of FND Crates. If you know an alternative way to get the 1911 pistol that would be much appreciated.
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2021.11.27 15:00 freehugsfromsatan A new christmas traditionn

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2021.11.27 15:00 DaddyDeveloper Best African Cichlid for 130L/35G?

Are any of these suitable? Preferably more than one fish of one of these types?
aulonocara mamelela
elongatus neon
Calico Aulonocara (one of two favourites, so hoping this is suitable!)
red peacock
Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi
Aulonocara Orange Blotch (one of two favourites, so hoping this is suitable!)
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2021.11.27 15:00 atari_guy Doctrine and Covenants 137 to 138 – “The Vision of the Redemption of the Dead”

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2021.11.27 15:00 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Dingo] [Titanium White Dingo: Silencer] [Purple Corbital] [Pink Holofield] [Pink Hot Rocks]

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2021.11.27 15:00 AlemanJack NEW Cryptocurrency

We are happy to announce that we will pre-launch our #cryptocurrency.They will have early access through our website.And we will carry out token raffles in the next few days
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2021.11.27 15:00 Global-Loquat-3424 Pack them up in the suitcase and ship them back to hell.

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2021.11.27 15:00 BellaKS Some times dietitians are right with somethings

So I tried full fat keto, all that did was make me sick and throw up and nauseous (It was realllllly bad) also I was very highly depressed.
I tried south beach, low carb and lower fat but I never felt full ya know satisfied. I didn't feel as sick though and I didn't gain weight wooohooo!
So I spoke with my dietitian, now before you all go off on the deep end let me say this. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! Everyone has different medical reasons, psychological reasons, etc. etc. and EVERYONE can respond to keto differently so stop preaching that I was doing it wrong indeed medical tests said I wasn't.
Medical tests said I was close to a heart attack and after an EKG and Ultrasound of my heart and arteries infact I WAS! I told my doc after keto I was worried because my cholesterol was getting higher. I don't wanna hear blah blah blah cholesterol means shit lines WHEN INDEED WHEN YOU SEE YOUR CLOGGED ARTERIES YOU WILL THINK DIFFERENTLY! There are sooooooooo many aspects to high cholesterol than just diet, hereditary for example plays apart. I am now on linispril stuff on top of spironolactone to at least keep my blood pressure down and keep the other parts kinda in check. Last thing I wanna do is die like my grandfather, hardering of the arteries. I'm lucky I don't need a stent (thanking god for that).
Some people get better, I indeed got worse.
Also they ran a few more tests, I do have a intolerance to high fat. Too much fat indeed my body can't handle, there are many of us like this. Granted fat doesn't raise your insulin but like anything (including sweets) ya eat too much.....ya gonna get sick. It's gotta come out some how. Violent runs (which I also had) can also be a sign of high fat intolerance. It's apart of the malabsorption syndromes.
So I had a heart to heart with my gp and dietitian. They both agreed wayyy too much fat for me. At 90 grams no wonder I was getting sick, so they dropped it down to 70 or if I feel sick off of that they said do 65. My protein is still set on 60 which is fine it's what I need, some times I didn't even eat all that but I always make sure it's at 55! It's not rocket science and some people honestly do get sick off of that much fat or even more!
So more salads, they do want me to use turkey more instead of full fat beef which is mighty fine with me considering I got so sick I don't wanna see another hamburger again in my life or at least for a year! I can't have steak due to another issue (easy iron toxicity, a few bites and I get sick off of that too. Plus hematologist told me stay away from iron!)
More white low fat cheeses (I can eat those all day and never get sick)
So low fat keto.....it's possible from what they explained to me and completely doable. Since I can still have cream, olives, things like that it might be better? I always thought it was weird after about 2 weeks of keto the idea of cream in my coffee again even made me sick. I can still have yogurt, eggs, etc.
It was allllll the fat! Literally my body was telling me to stop! Of course when you're throwing up and don't even want an egg anybody would say there is something wrong. Did I have an eating disorder where the idea of any food made me wanna throw up? I guess you could say medically induced by my body yes but not a full classic eating disorder.
For those that don't wanna believe it, look up malabsorption syndromes..indeed your body can go a little haywire and say nope not anymore.
So gonna give this ago and NO I was not dehydrated when I mentioned those symptoms, they already ran those tests as well and NO vitamin or mineral deficiencies at all.
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2021.11.27 15:00 Guilty-Rule-7636 [H] Student Beans Accounts one Year -$5 [W] Paypa/BTC

Studentbeans Account One Year: Student Beans is a very good Website full of good deals, although you must be weary about .some of the 'unheard' websites as they may be fraudulent. In addition to this, their customer support staff are very friendly and respond very quickly.
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- You will receive it in maximum 24 hours, after clear payment. Usually, I deliver within 0 - 12 hours.
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2021.11.27 15:00 DipDiversNFT DipDivers NFT drop on Sunday! 3500 members! 🚀 CryptoAnimals holders get to mint a DipDiver for free! Info in comments 👀

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2021.11.27 15:00 GameGrumpsEpisodes Grumb Fam VS. śűśşý ßäķæ - Family Feud

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2021.11.27 15:00 Antonio7563 What are your best ADHD tips?

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2021.11.27 15:00 oeyroe13 CARNAGE

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2021.11.27 15:00 Slackluster Aliendscapes - Parallax Alien Landscape Generator

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2021.11.27 15:00 Psychological-Rub919 Gal Gadot

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2021.11.27 15:00 Masterchief117unsc 60s rolls on a drift

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2021.11.27 15:00 CarnageOp9104 Cursed comment pro max.

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2021.11.27 15:00 ImThatStonerKid DXM & DPH while sick

It’s been years since I’ve taken DXM recreationally and haven’t yet done so with DPH. I love drugs, especially cannabis and psychedelics and generally like to trip ~ once a week. This usually leaves me a little worn down and I often get sick. Decided I should try taking Vitamin C tablets and/or immune system supplements or something to help but anyways…
I was planning on taking a 5G lemon Tek today but I’m currently fighting a minor cold and because of my past experiences, my cold would probably get worse if I were to go ahead and take the mushrooms.
So instead I was thinking about taking DXM & DPH so that I can still have some fun while I’m sick. Anybody else have experience taking these in recreational doses while sick? As I said it isn’t a very severe cold. All I have at the time is the syrups (I plan on getting the pills next time) so I was wondering what you guys like to mix yours with? Sprite, Fanta, cream soda, orange crush, dr. Pepper, Coke, Rootbeer, energy Drinks, juice, etc? What’s your favourite mix?
Got no responses on drugs so I’m posting here. Thanks.
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2021.11.27 15:00 CardanoCryptoBot The Cardano debacle isn't even funny anymore, it's just sad at this point...

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2021.11.27 15:00 Agusmarvel96 How to stop the "If a woman like sex she is a slut" Mindset?

Hello brotherss, how are you? One question, how can men stop this mindset of shame slut? Or to think that if a woman like sex she is a slut? Is good to a woman to like and want sex, but some men included myself (i think) have this mindset, and is a bad mindset
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2021.11.27 15:00 TheGreatRedDragon_40 Battle of Kharkov 1943

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2021.11.27 15:00 CheLeung Hongkongers doze off on five-hour double decker route to nowhere - Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

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2021.11.27 15:00 AutoModerator Game Thread: North Texas Mean Green vs UTSA Roadrunners | NCAA FBS, Regular Season (Nov 27, 03:00 PM ET)


Start time: Nov 27, 03:00 PM ET Competition: NCAA FBS, Regular Season 
Watch this stream: Please bookmark the website you watch to you can watch the next matches
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2021.11.27 15:00 MagicianWoland This is so true 😔😔😔

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