i had a dream and i laid in bed afterwards, crying my face off

2021.11.27 14:25 whiskeytreats101 i had a dream and i laid in bed afterwards, crying my face off

The dream took place near a beach. I was with a friend (Jack) who introduced me to this girl, and we instantly clicked. Jack went home as something had come up, so the girl and I went to get some ice-cream. She got chocolate, I got vanilla. I also vaguely remember us visiting a swimming equipment store and messing around with the store owner, but my memory’s a bit fuzzy. We then went out of the store, and it was around 9pm. It should’ve been pitch-black, but the sun was out for some reason. The girl and I decided to go swimming, so we started walking towards the beach. She talked about how much she loved swimming, and I promised to swim alongside her, cuz she seemed nice. Along the way, I bumped into some friends from my previous school, and we started talking. I got side-tracked, and the girl ended up having to walk behind us, as no-one really knew her, besides me. I should’ve noticed how she felt, but i didn’t. We talked for about an hour, the girl slipped my mind, and a huge crowd of people on the beach separated us from her. I forgot about the promise i had made. My friends and I had a great time all night long, and I went home exhausted. I was getting into bed, when I remembered her, and realized that I didn’t even know her name. Freaking out, I called Jack, who I assumed was a good friend of hers, but it turns out he had met her at the beach too. It hit me that I didn’t even know her name. I tried finding her instagram, but to no avail, and I realized I would probably never see her again. I vaguely remember watching the news, and reading about a girl who had drowned at a local beach, while trying to swim late at night. This was when i woke up.
It broke me. I ended up crying for about an hour because it felt so real. I feel guilty about leaving her, but she doesn’t even exist. My head hurts, and i feel empty inside. I’ve posted this on a couple subreddits cuz i want answers. Why did this happen, and does it mean something?
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2021.11.27 14:25 hazretienes 💲 Seamlessswap 💲 Just Launched 💲 Dont Miss Out Market Cap At $400k 🔥

SeamlessSwap high rewarding yield farming on binance smart chain devs fully doxxed
Seamlessswap is an up and coming project in the crypto defi space with the purpose of making crypto easy by creating a safe, reliable and affordable place to buy sell and stake crypto at high apy’s. With the future intentions to make a ease of use wallet that has all of the defi aspects integrated into the iOS and Android app being its first major goal in the defi space, additionally after the full release of the wallet our next objective is too start the development of seamless exchange this will be all explained in the white paper which is on our telegram
🔥SEAMLESS STATS🔥 Total Minted 400,000,000
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Circulating Supply 400,000,000
New SEAMLESS/block 30
SeamlessSwap! Earn Seamless Token by yield farming or participate in our pools. We include a deposit fee used to support the ecosystem
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Seamlessswapdefi
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/SeamlessSwap/
Presale: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x2a34417fCb225f1128E59bA6CA099fb8c78f1fE0?chain=BSC
Having the interest for crypto industry and blockchain technology
Links to our socials and charts are down below if you want to do any self promotion to further on our endeavours to make crypto easy
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/utWFrNkFKvFlMTBl
Having the interest for crypto industry and blockchain technology
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2021.11.27 14:25 Certified-potatoe I just wanted to say... THIS IS NOT MINE. Noooope.

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2021.11.27 14:25 SMTTrunkGod Kisame vs. Orochimaru

It takes place in the Nara Clan Forest
Combatants are 100 meters away from one another
Kisame has feats from his fight with Killer B and before; Orochimaru has feats with his battle with Sasuke and before.
No Edo Tensei or outside help is allowed.
The winner is the last standing by means of death, exhaustion, or submission.
View Poll
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2021.11.27 14:25 pandora80X Sending gifts 🎁 for 3k bonus :) 6855 7439 5478

6855 7439 5478
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2021.11.27 14:25 TommyDog430 Looking For Whitelist content creator server

Hey so I've been looking for a server with not too many people on it for a while now and its really hard to come across these day. If you have, or know someone, who has a content creator smp (doesn't if its like Hermitcraft, or rp, or mods) please let me know
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2021.11.27 14:25 JustNinaDesigns ‘You’re Cool’ Playlist (Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, The Smiths..)

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2021.11.27 14:25 GameSpirit2015 Question: What moves do you think we need to make this offseason, and do we have the assets to make them?

Personally I believe our top priority has to be extending Reddick, DJ Moore, Donte Jackson, Cam, and Gilmore. Another guy I would also like to lock down for another couple years is Frankie Luvu, as he's been playing well this season, especially stepping up when Shaq Thompson was hurt.
I also think, in the draft, we trade back, get our 2nd rounder we gave up for Darnold back, and select an offensive lineman. Charles Cross or Kenyon Green are my favorite choices right now, as we need to lock down a solid LT.
We can get Cam, Gilmore, and Donte on relatively cheap contracts. Cam and Gilmore probably only get 1-2 year contracts each with some money guaranteed and lots of incentives. Donte, while he has had a breakout season this year, has been pretty inconsistent in years prior, so he most likely won't get big money. DJ and Reddick are both going to demand huge contracts, as DJ would want more money than we gave Robby because he's the WR1, and Reddick has emerged as one of the top pass rushers in the league, so he'll want to be paid like one.
What are your thoughts?
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2021.11.27 14:25 Kuzzzo this was how i pulled up to thanksgiving, thoughts?

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2021.11.27 14:25 Yorkshireman26 How are you spending your weekend?

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2021.11.27 14:25 YoungWukong Midd>>>Jaggy

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2021.11.27 14:25 kantstopthebeat Map/Board Design for a Northwoods Ecosystem-based game

Map/Board Design for a Northwoods Ecosystem-based game I am working on designing an ecological board game inspired by The Boundary Waters (Canoe Area Wilderness). Players will play as
I am struggling to figure out how to use GIMP - it seems like a fairly steep learning curve. I wonder if there are any guides or tutorials out there that focus specifically on using GIMP to design the board/map of a board game?
Here are some very ugly early map drafts. Maybe the sheer sloppiness will help demonstrate my need for help.
This is phase 1 - a cleaned-up version of Boundary Waters - taking out most of the smaller lakes.

This is phase 2 - Trying to break up the map into distinct ecosystems (Bogs, Forest, River basins, and Burned Zones)
Things I really need to learn more about: Pathing tools, Tools that auto-select area shapes, re-texturing, etc...
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2021.11.27 14:25 Bike-BBQ-Beer 1st time making Detroit Style Pizza.

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2021.11.27 14:25 KORKSTICKY 'Nuff said...

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2021.11.27 14:25 JellyMemeDelicious Go on, go do Lenin’s armed workers revolution against the US government. I’m waiting.

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2021.11.27 14:25 brickwallrunner [Reine] ngl, this mask and hat combo looks pretty damn good

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2021.11.27 14:25 Enderboy1619 mha collage i made

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2021.11.27 14:25 Eva_Hotel_Valhalla who did u vote for?

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2021.11.27 14:25 wilson9779_ Don't worry dude, the bike is fine, I am not......!

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2021.11.27 14:25 Chellz93 The James Bond Life Philosophy showed me how to live life to the fullest

Being like James Bond is undoubtedly aspirational for so many people around the world. It makes sense - he is always suave, wears the fanciest clothes, drives the coolest cars and travels the world. On a practical level, the James Bond approach to life can easily by summarized through author Jack London’s piece I Shall Use My Time.
This article was meant to address how fleeting life can be and how we should make the most of our existence by seeking to making a difference and not simply existing.
If you’re in pursuit of a more fulfilling existence and want some perspective to help you on your way, check out I Shall Use My Time. I break it down for you here and how it relates to 007 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-2h5Gr0Kgw
My favorite part of this quote is how we should not waste our days and try to prolong them if we aren’t in fact living. What do you think?
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2021.11.27 14:25 brokelyn99 Reset streak after slip?

Hey y’all, I am getting sober from weed (duh) and made it to 14 days. While the first few were tough, after about day 5 it had been surprisingly smooth sailing for me in terms of not having too many cravings - so much so that I saw myself being someone that probably didn’t “count” the streak as much in the future. I just wanted to get to 30 and then let it become a part of my life.
I had a small slip yday night. I was doing my annual Harry Potter / Pizza Hut marathon, which is usually weed fueled, and was just so dang sure that I’d have a craving I couldn’t resist ordering a pack of pre roll joints. I took one toke (literally), before realizing I didn’t want this, and didn’t smoke again, despite having four joints in front of me.
Not gonna lie, I spent the next 20 to 30 mins a little stoned but after 45 mins I wasn’t high anymore and I didn’t continue the old habit. I gave away the joints to a neighbor this morning, but for 12 hours they were in front of me with no desire to light up at all. I also used that time to analyze where the cravings came from (fear of future boredom) and analyzed what happened in reality (Pizza Hut and HP are a great combo without weed and I had no desire to really smoke, esp once I puffed once).
Would you consider this a streak reset?
I know in the grand scheme of life, 14 days won’t matter, but I had a lot of people rooting for me (my mom!!!) that I don’t want to let down. I also worry that resetting to 0 will demoralize me, when the goal for me personally is to get to a place where a data driven streak count doesn’t matter as much as knowing intuitively how much better I feel. I truly expected that once I got to 30, I’d stop “counting” as hard - it was just the initial streak that was motivating.
Thoughts? I’m beating myself up more about the streak than I am what happened, since I learned so much from the latter!
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2021.11.27 14:25 RubbahPants Anyone else having trouble with GG store?

Every single item I add to my cart just says "sorry, this product cannot be purchased" was everything just completely sold out and they didn't update the stock? Or is cause I'm ordering from another country? (Canada)
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2021.11.27 14:25 Smilefriend Coronavirus in Italia, il bollettino di oggi 27 novembre: 12.877 nuovi casi e 90 morti

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2021.11.27 14:25 lilaellisx69 Check me

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