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Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass

2021.11.27 15:03 smartybrome Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass

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2021.11.27 15:03 Matthemp If our pharmacy is closed do we have to go to the other location and work ?

Like when there’s no pharmacist available to work . Stores shut down. Do we get paid ? And so we have to go to the other location
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2021.11.27 15:03 WhatCERName Just ordered Norlys TV service. Can I buy a card receiver anywhere?

I’m visiting my dad next week and I’m trying to set up TV service for him now that he lives in his cottage full time. I ordered the TV package through Norlys and indicated we already have a roof antenna. It looks like they will mail a card to his house, but I think I will also need the tv module the card goes into. Do I have to buy this module from Norly’s, or can I buy one used on DBA, or any electronics store? Do some TV’s come with the card reader module built in?
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2021.11.27 15:03 smartybrome Salesforce Certified Administrator ADM-201 Practical Test

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2021.11.27 15:03 smartybrome Python Programming with Machine Learning Beginner to Advance

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2021.11.27 15:03 Playtowi Why the hell is Indian team still in South Africa?

And how dare BCCI release a statement that they are not going to pull them out. We are a bunch of cricket maniacs for such a medicore performance on field.
This new variant seems to spread faster than any virus known to humans. BCCI should feel the heat for this.
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2021.11.27 15:03 TheDagss Marui breacher only feeding 1 shot occasionally

Just wondering if anyone had an idea of what I could do to sort it or how to go about trying to diagnose the issue on it before I take it apart. I’ve tried googling but am not finding much information so I thought I’d ask the hive mind.
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2021.11.27 15:03 smartybrome Hiring Process: Talent Management

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2021.11.27 15:03 smartybrome Introduction to Microservices

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2021.11.27 15:03 Grouchy_Appointment3 PARAGON SUPER MONKEY (The One)

The special thing about The One is that he becomes YOU. The way I see it is that the player is the actual god placing towers and upgrading them to fight against bloons, so The One would be controlled by your what you click on. Click the screen to release a devastating devine explosion and hold on the screen for a laser to eradicate everything it touches. If you sacrifice towers being the True Sun God, you will gain more power and the ability (The devine power support). To use that ability, just click and hold a tower to enhance their power. During the time you play as The One, you will be able to sacrifice towers to gain energy and with energy you will be able to restart a failed round as a second chance. Cost of $3,000,000 on medium difficultly.
---DAMAGE--- 50 (devine explosion, regular bloons only)
300 (devine explosion, moab class only)
600 (devine explosion, boss bloons)
1200 (devine explosion, elite bosses)
13 (devine laser)
32 (devine laser, boss bloons)
64 (devine laser, elite bosses)
Infinite (black hole)
350 (devine explosion)
Infinity (devine laser)
Infinite (black hole)
Only on tap (devine explosion)
0.01 seconds (devine laser)
Infinite (black hole)
80 (devine explosion area of damage)
20 (devine laser area of damage)
End of map track(s) (black hole)
Pop all bloons
Detect camo
Energy sacrifice (gain 1 energy for every $500 tower worth sacrifice, ex: 1 $3000 tower gives 6 energy, 2 $1200 tower gives 4 energy, need 150 energy to be able to restart the wave if lost)
---TOWER BOOSTS--- +150% damage increase (devine power support, increase by 1.5 seconds lasting every seconds hold finger on tower, max 60 seconds).
+100% attack speed (devine power support, increase by 1.5 seconds lasting every seconds hold finger on tower, max 60 seconds).
+50% range (devine power support, increase by 1.5 seconds lasting every seconds hold finger on tower, max 60 seconds).
+80% pierce (devine power support, increase by 1.5 seconds lasting every seconds hold finger on tower, max 60 seconds).
0.5 seconds decrease ability cooldown (devine power support, decrease cooldown time every seconds hold finger on tower).
The devine power support only works on the type of class you sacrifice like primary, military, magic, support. You need to sacrifice $50,000 of the type of class with the true sun god. When sacrificing towers it will increase the damage by 10%, the pierce by 15%, speed by 5%, and range of damage by 2.5% every $10,000.
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2021.11.27 15:03 lasagneking007 My New Neighbors Are Gonna Hate Me

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2021.11.27 15:03 funcraftygal This went through so many versions before I finally left it like this. Still not sure if I should leave it or paint over it again. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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2021.11.27 15:03 frantzianleader YouTube Gets Rid of the Dislike Bar! My Response + Updates

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2021.11.27 15:03 smartybrome AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C01 2021

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2021.11.27 15:03 mamawantsallama Undefeated: Deaf football team brings triumph and pride to California

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2021.11.27 15:03 smartybrome Ethical Hacking for Beginners

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2021.11.27 15:03 Dublinnire Jerma is in Hikaru's new video.

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2021.11.27 15:03 lordshelton Gel son Martins SBC

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2021.11.27 15:03 smartybrome AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam Questions

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2021.11.27 15:03 iloveminipoodle What does Cyber Monday typically look like for Athleta?

Should I pull the trigger now on a few items in my cart or wait for Monday?
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2021.11.27 15:03 solusist Please type me in MBTI and Socionics

Hi so these are the ones I’m 100% sure about but I’m also open to opinions, have them as a base if you want: 548, 5w4 4w5 8w7, sp/sx, RLOEI, VELF, Melancholic-choleric
How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
22 years old, female. Words that best describe me would be withdrawn, contradictive, individualistic, neurotic, sensitive (more empathetic than it seems), and impersonal.
Is there a medical diagnosis that impact your mental/comportamental stability somehow?
I'm disabled (notable cognitive dysfunction). Diagnosed MDD and also have others that went undiagnosed thanks to my incapacity to externalize thoughts and feelings mixed with medical negligence.
Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
Catholic and christian fanatic household. Won’t dive deep into it but it fundamentally affected my life as a whole, in a negative way. It shaped me into the person I am today.
If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
Why, I’m a hermit by choice (though I still depend on others for external needs like money, food supply, etc.). Alone time is the time I treasure the most, even if it’s spent unproductively or not doing anything entertaining.
What is your relation with movement and your surroundings? For instance do you prefer a sport or outdoors event? If an outdoors event what is it? And why? If not what type of activities do you tend to engage in?
I’m most detached to my surroundings; I will often mechanically give answers to my speaker without even knowing what they were saying to get by. Oversensitive to sensory stimuli so I’m avoidant towards them. As for outdoor events, I mostly attend funerals since they imply a considerable moral obligation to me plus I feel rather at my comfort zone in them; as someone so absent, they make me present and I get a great deal of peace and a vague feeling of devotion from it (edgily melancholic, I know).
How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
Highly curious. Many ideas but no means (be it talent, eloquence, intelligence, etc.) to execute them whatsoever, actually lack predisposition and motivation to do so. They’re both environmental and conceptual, but I should think the abstract come easier and more impulsively while the practical are conceived after long research, and I tend to implement the latter more. I am interested in improving my lifestyle without drastic changes and with little effort.
Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
While I am bossy, authority-repellent, and have low tolerance for inefficiency, I would rather leave the leading position to someone else for my top priority is conservation of my own inner sanctuary and don’t want to get involved in draining activities. However, if the prospect is too far from my margin of acceptable, I will step in and take (or steal, if necessary) the baton. In such position I’d be as direct and concise as I (in my poor communication abilities) can in guiding and a bit pushy for achieving the results that I envision, harsh in my feedback.
Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
I am very stiff, clumsy and nervous in my mannerisms. I am prone to making mistakes when using my body. Still, I will moderately do things that require a physical approach like cooking or exercising, not for the joy of it but for what it’ll produce.
Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
I used to be. I’m still appreciative of art but I feel too impersonal towards it. For instance, I used to find myself immersed in connections and ways I could relate to art in a very intimate way, but now I just see the bigger picture or find connections that don’t apply to me. What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them? The past cannot be changed; there is nothing more fruitless than fixating on it. The present can shape the future (though this view is towards the outer world than how I see I can influence in my own life). The future is something I try not to think of but I do for I am constantly generating countermeasures and I dislike surprises so I tend to prepare myself for all possible scenarios. It could be said that I live in the present in the sense that I am detached from the past and try not to think about the future, but in reality I am not present at all.
Do you need logical consistency in your life?
Consistence? Yes. Logical? Doesn’t have to be (I am very dumb myself, I can’t always adhere to what’s logical, you know).
How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
As I mentioned before, I have low tolerance for inefficiency, so it is very important. I am very judgmental of people in their daily performance, especially of the ones they’re most confident about. I cannot help realizing their lacking points, how they should be behaving and how they should be doing things, even though I really try to. Pointing them out requires a level of frustration high enough to make me come down from my tower though, but it happens often. My reason for this is that since I am incapable of performing those tasks myself (be it because of my disability or because of my own inefficiency) I have low tolerance for those who straightforward neglect them.
Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
I can be manipulative to get things that I want by making that person unconsciously get it for me. In close relationships it’s more drastic since I force a unilateral obsession from their side by becoming the personification of (what I perceived to be) their idealized partner. Close relationships with me are too unhealthy so I avoid getting involved with anyone intimately.
What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
Currently I read, but I don’t do it as a hobby because I don’t quite enjoy it, but because of my frustration from lacking knowledge and feeling intellectually incapable.
What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
I try memorizing at first glance, my subconscious overpowers my conscious so if I do things consciously like focusing hard on memorizing something it will likely be useless. I struggle in learning environments where too much attention is directed at me. I’m most comfortable with creative and flexible settings.
How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
Depends on the situation, stress levels and how imperative it is to get it done.
What's important to you and why? Inner peace. I can’t elaborate any further.
What are your aspirations? To be as independent as I can. To feel less incapable.
What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
Embarrassment, it doesn’t even have to be the public kind, just finding myself being embarrassing. Being controlled. Being humiliated. Being or feeling exposed. Criticism. Having too many options. Being ignored. I can’t elaborate on this either.
Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
My mind would be just as blank at first. I learned to empty my mind deliberately through meditation and that would be my first reaction to that situation, but I could choose to explore detailed imaginary scenarios, though those generally need a sensorial trigger to fully unfold (like a song). In conclusion: blank mind boring, scenarios go!
How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
I am both avoidant of my emotions and in tune with them. I need to understand them so I can ignore them.
Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why would you?
Yes. I just take personal offence from authority and people in power. I actively defiance them.
What is the ideal life, in your opinion?
A life untouchable from external factors.
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2021.11.27 15:03 TomRapidz 211127 - IG Post

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2021.11.27 15:03 crxxpxer He can say this but I can't say "Rank 9.999.999"

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2021.11.27 15:03 awwai Por que essa galera não toma a vacina

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que saco! Toma a vacina! Ninguém aguenta mais essa pandemia. Que merda! Todas essas vacinas sobrando nos países desenvolvidos, países pobres se ferrando porque não tem vacina e novas variantes vão surgindo nisso daí.
Parecia que a vida estava melhorando, mas as pessoas não ajudam. Eu só queria viver em paz. Boa tarde, amigos.
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2021.11.27 15:03 2_Sullivan_5 What exactly is this and is it fake?

Yesterday I came across this in an antique store among a case full of other militaria. After posting it on several militaria forums, I just came back confused. What we could infer and find about it is that it could be a "transitional" period cap, meaning a WWI holdover that was used in the Weimar era and possibly in the early Nazi Germany era. The chinstrap may be unoriginal to the cap, I'm not sure. But, the Eagle looks like the original owner or whoever has had it for the last however many years put it on. The Eagle is a railway eagle and when I picked the hat up, appeared to be somewhat original to the hat.
Any history on this style of cap, what the waffenfarbe is for, the time period, etc. is highly sought after. I'm trying to make the decision to purchase this and put it in my collection so I want to know all I can.
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