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Take a break, have a KitKat.

2022.01.19 02:28 Chimera_Tracker Take a break, have a KitKat.

Vesko watched the scene before her in silence. The tufts of fur sticking out the back of her shirts collar stiffening at the sounds coming through the speakers overhead. Her ears, located near the temples on either side of her head, flicked about as well. The scene before her was not something she was accustomed to.

Tesgan, her partner and apparently the local offices’ interrogation expert, was pounding away at their suspect with his fists.
The 1.8 meter tall Grunk’Sen stood in the centre of the 10 by 10 by 2 meter interrogation suite. His stronger upper appendages holding their suspect, his prey for the course of this interrogation, by its shoulders. The lower pair, attached to the joint along his 5th thoracic rib, were weaker by Grunk’Sen standards but still pretty solid hammers nonetheless. Their clenched knuckles were continuously pounding away at their subject’s lower abdomen, leaving his pale white flesh a colourful palate of pink, red and blue.

“He still isn’t speaking after 14 hours…”
Vesko glances to her right where the rooms only door was located. The soft bluish light of the locks keypad illuminating the face of the short suit standing by the back corner. The Kessan, standing at 1.4 meters tall, was tall for his species and the only other person in the dark room Vesko was currently in. His right three fingered hand moves across his scalp, stroking the base of his right temple horn before sliding across and down the smooth hairless skin along the back of his head. His slit pupils focusing in on her. There was disappointment in his voice, but Vesko was certain the disappointment wasn’t directed at her specifically but at their current predicament. They were running out of time.

Red Trident was a joint multi-species taskforce set up by officials in positions within the high echelons of the Federation. Only individuals near the end life of their careers were considered and recruited to serve their remaining years within the taskforce. Their focus no longer on the various minor problems that plagued the Federation and its members but on one specific target; The Council, and the various organisations that affiliated with them.
Vesko had been an anomaly within the recruitment process, even she knew it for she was the youngest member around. She’d only been at her posting within navy intelligence for about 2 years when she had nearly been killed by a foreign operative. Having survived the failed attack, thanks to the intervention by a taskforce operation, she was read into the Red Trident.
Her current mission target was a rogue quasi military group known as ‘The Iron Pincers’. They were suspected of having been recruited by The Council to terrorise the systems that had been acquired by the Federation as part of the cease-fire of the decade long war.
Their current suspect was a Bephna. A species apt at biological modification, always looking for the next 'master' to serve. This one was no different, and it had the information they needed.
Thousands of innocent lives had already been lost in the Iron Pincers crusade against the Federation. It never mattered to Vesko how many lives they saved, only those they lost. Now she watched as her partner physically tortured their only lead as they tried to find a way prevent the next Jasper disaster. If their recent intel was accurate, billions were at risk with what the militia had planned, and she’d never be able to live with herself if they succeeded.

Officer Borakat, the Kessan standing in the corner of the room, took a series of calculated steps towards her as he drew in a deep lung full of Crispan smoke. The yellow and green stick remained steady between the tips of his three fingers as he watched Tesgan pace the inside of the interrogation room on the other side of the two-way mirror. The Grunsken’s loud voice being broadcasted to them through the speakers.
“Just tell us where the devices are Killock. Your entire cell is gone. Please tell me the mush between your ears can still comprehend that much at least? God damn it! Speak you asshole!”

Vesko fought back a shudder as she witnessed her normally pacifistic partner toss the suspect against the far wall.
“You’ve never seen this side of him before haven’t you?” Borakat chuckled softly, letting the smoke out through the gills around his neck. “You should’ve seen him breaking suspects during his prime. He has the fastest official record, no one has ever come close to beating it yet. In fact, come to think of it, he even has the fastest unofficial record. That session had been utterly brutal, earned him the nickname ‘Hungry-Hungry-Hippo’. Not sure what a Hippo is or who started that nickname, but I’m glad the news of him returning to his cultural roots and faith was ‘exaggerated’ though. It would have been a pity to lose someone as good as him.”

Vesko sighed internally in relief when the Kessan went silent, taking another long draw from his smoke stick. She knew about Tesgan’s background even before she had been read into the taskforce. Being from a pacifistic species and joining the military made you stand out, but being known for your expertise in extracting information through unconventional means made you stick out a lot more within intelligence circles. Having been around him through all the high and low points over these last few years, she could not help but feel close to the old Grunsken. She knew how hard he had worked to wash his hands of all the bloodshed. Watching it all come undone now made her feel the hurt she knew was burning intensely within his large chest.

As Tesgan pounds the wall to either side of their targets head, screaming at the top of his lungs, Vesko began pleading with Borakat to end the session.
“Its been 14 hours. We are running out of time as is. We have 12 hours remaining to search three different planets in three different systems to find the planet destroying weaponry. That bastard isn’t giving us anything and all we are doing is putting Tesgan through hell. Please. Pull him out. He can’t do it”
Borakat simply starred back at her, the smoke pouring out his gills, his lips pressed together to form a thin slit. His nasal slits flared as he took in another breath, glancing at Tesgan once more through the glass. “Fine…” He sighed, pulling the smoke stick back to his lips. “I guess he really has loss his touch after all. Fuck it. I’ll call the Terran” He grumbled, leaving the stick between his lips as he fished out his tablet to make the call.

Vesko quickly moves to the exit, heading out and down the grey corridor towards the door to the interrogation suite. Another suit stood a few meters down the corridor, her eyes staring at a holographic display being displayed from her wrist. Bare skin like Borakat but with a thick mane of red hair along her scalp that ended at her shoulders. Bipedal, with two arms much like Vesko but binocular vision instead of laterals. That must have been the Terran Borakat was speaking about. This was the first time Vesko has seen one without armour, but her mind could not appreciate the moment as she rushed to relieve her partner from further turmoil.

“Tesga! Stop.” Vesko laid her hands on her partners lower right bicep, holding it back from swinging into their suspect’s flank. “It’s over.”
“What the hell are you talking about Ves? He hasn’t said a word. We have-“
“I know how long we have. Now just stop. You’re just going to kill him Tesga. He isn’t going to tell us anything so just stop." Vesko leaned in close, propping herself up on the tips of her toes as she whispers into his ear "Just stop now, maybe we can still help you find your Salvation. Don't taint yourself further, it would be pointless”
“Fuck my Salvation Ves…” Tesga groaned, clenching his fingers, feeling his knuckles pop. His heart was still racing in his ears and he just wanted to yell the fury building within him out and into Killock's face. Instead, he grabs the Bephna by his arm, swinging his body across the room one last time. He felt the fellows shoulder joint pop before he let go.
Even in so much pain, he didn’t make a single sound. Smug bastard.

Now out of reach for the time being, he turns to his startled partner, sighing at the shock displayed across her face. “Have we begun the evacuation then?”
“Then why the hell-“
“Tesga you need to stop talking and let me finish or I am just going to keep cutting you off. Now come on. Borakat is calling in a Terran.”
Tesga scoffed, rubbing his neck in agitation “Why are they calling in a Terran? They have no experience in interrogation. And since when was one read in? They aren’t even a par-”
“Part of the Federation?”

Both Agents turned quickly, glancing at the doorway as the strange being stepped into the room. Her head turning slowly to examine the wreckage Tesga had made before settling in on the Bephna across the room, still laying where he had fallen.
“At least he is still alive” The Terran sighed, glancing at the two of them now. “Why don’t you two help me with putting the furniture back in its place? Then leave. I can take it from here”
“Take it from here? We are running short on time for you to be playing games Terran. Billions of lives are at stake. These terrorists have managed to smuggle neutron laced star igniters the size of a small transport craft onto occupied worlds. They plan-“
“On detonating it in 11 hours, 50 minutes and 24 seconds. 22. 21. Would you like me to continue? You want the location of the devices and I am here to get it for you. So please, do as I say and then leave. You’ll have more than enough time to remove the devices before they detonate once I get the information out. Take a break.”
Tesga was furious now at the Terrans arrogance. Their suspect was near unbreakable thanks to his bio-modifications. 14 hours, that’s how long he has been at it. He broke the bastards bones, healed them back again and then repeated the action repetitively. He has torn off a few of Killocks limbs and then healed them back. He has even done the unthinkable but still nothing. They didn't have time for the more lengthy procedures, but Tesga knew there was no way Killock would break after those if he was already able to withstand such grueling treatment. It was no wonder the Bephna hadn’t tried to kill himself like his companions. He knew he could withstand all they could throw at him and delay their finding of the devices till it was too late.
Replacing the table and the two chairs with Veskos help, he slowly walked out as the Terran helped the Albino terrorist to the table.

“Borakat? What the hell is going in there?” Tesga growled as he stepped into the observation room, glaring at the human through the glass as she spoke. “Why the hell can’t we hear anything?”
“Strict orders. All audio devices in the room have been terminated.” The Kessan sighed, taking another draw from the small stub that remained of his smoke stick.
Vesko moved quickly to the control panel on the wall, checking through the systems settings. “I can’t find a way to turn it on. She disconnected all the wiring in the room somehow. But when?”
Tesgas rage was beginning to settle down as the feeling of impending doom took its place. He steps closer to the glass, watching events unfold within the other room.
The human was simply talking to the Bephna without getting a word in reply. The bastard even smiled at something she said which made the rage bubble back to it’s surface again. It was around 2 minutes since she had gone in when Tesga notices her pulling out two red rectangular items from her pants pocket. She tears them open, exposing the dark brown contents within. She extends her hand, holding one out for the Terrorist. The Bephna stares it with suspicion before finally accepting the item, taking a sniff from it. The Terran pulls the other rectangular item out from it’s red packaging, holding it in both hands before snapping it into two down its length. She takes a bite from it, the expression on her face changing to that of content and what looked like satisfaction. The Bephna repeats the motion like her, taking a bite from it as well, nodding appreciatively while listening to what the Terran now had to say. His expression slowly growing sour the more she talked. He glances down at the table top, looking ashamed of what Tesga did not know. Then his lips began to move quickly, and then the tears came.
Tesga could not help but just chuckle as heavy drops fell to the scratched tabletop. Borakat on the other hand choked on his smoke while Vesko remained perpetually still, watching the Terran stand and leave the room.
The trio exchanged glances before quickly exiting the room to catch the Terran.

“What did he say?” Vesko asked first, not caring for protocol at this moment.
“There are 5 devices in total. 2 are on Emigrum Prime, 1 on Satiglious and the last two on Nekha. I’ve already sent you the coordinates for all the devices Borakat”
“Thank you Katlyn” The Kessan bows in appreciation to which the Terran mirrored
“No worries. Glad to be of help as always. And call me Kit Borakat. Only my folks call me Kat” She winked at the group before her.
“By the way, I really respect your work Chief Tesga. Been a loyal fan myself so as a gift, I have made sure that our dear Killock will be able to appreciate all the effort you put in over the past 14 hours. Sensory nerve excision is an extremely good method of keeping one resistant in interrogations, but that is easily circumvented with nerve regrowal. Pity they never considered that” She smirked as she turned to leave, leaving the three officers too stunned to reply.
Their daze would however be quickly interrupted as their ears were filled with the muffled shrieks of pain coming out of the interrogation suite.
Vesko tries the door, glancing at the others in horror "It's locked..."
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2022.01.19 02:28 Jimithyashford How you raise your kid kinda is everyone else's business

Like out of all of the things about how you conduct your own life and your own affairs that are nobody else's business, how you raise your kid kinda is. They will (ideally) be around long after you, they will be exposed to society and interact with people well outside of you. If you really really badly fuck up with them then the burden of your failure may well fall on society at large.
The "village" does have a vested interest in how you raise your offspring, and it is their business.
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2022.01.19 02:28 salsarosada What's the difference between a nuke and algebra?

One's a weapon of mass destruction, and the other's a section of math instruction.
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2022.01.19 02:27 mysteryweapon Anyone care to talk about their pipewire experience?

I haven't messed around with it yet and I'm honestly kind of nervous that I'll somehow bork my DAW workstation and have it kind of ruin my day
But I'm super intrigued as well. If you've taken the plunge, what's your experience?
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2022.01.19 02:27 astonishedwolf Can Someone Explain the Au Hasard Bulbasaur/Rob Pattinson Thing?

When did the joke start that Au Hasard Bulbasaur is Robert Pattinson? Or do people really think that’s him? Or is it him? I am lost.
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2022.01.19 02:27 Covfefe1946 Did I get food poisoning then COVID or just COVID

Day 1 and 2 in Tulum Mexico, completely fine Day 3 travel to playa del Carmen and eat two meals at the Hilton. Go to sleep feeling fine Night 3 wake up at 4am, mild fever, aggressive comparing and diarrhea Day 4 I'm a mess, feel terrible spend all day in bed no appetite, but also no cold symptoms Day 5 still a mess, still can't eat, no cold symptoms Day 6 feeling pretty bad, but can eat, throat hurts. Travel back to the states Day 7 through 9 really sore throat, fatigue, but no other symptoms. Receive positive PCR night of day 8 Day 10 through 12 energy is back slight congestion but I'm good
Question is, did I get food poisoning on Day 3 or was that just some rapid onset COVID. Had a friend with me that was in the same exact boat and we had shared a meal on day 3.
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2022.01.19 02:27 Aldmeriaa As a new player what weapons or mods should I aim to get for PvE?

I recently started playing Destiny 2 this week and everything is brand new, I'm at around 1800 Light and I'm a warlock.
I eventually want to get round to doing raids in the future and mostly PvE content beacause that's what I love.
Can anyone recommend some weapons or mods or armour etc...that I should aim to get if I want to do raids and such? I've tried searching around but it gets kind of confusing because most of the videos or articles I looked at seem like they're made for experienced players. Thanks!
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2022.01.19 02:27 atypical_broccoli Advanced Cloud Computing: 18709/15719 review

Those who took Advanced Cloud Computing in the previous years - how did you find the course? In terms of effort, do you believe the FCE of 16 hrs to be an accurate representation of the work load?
I am planning to pair this up with Distributed Systems (15640) and I am worried the semester might get too hectic.
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2022.01.19 02:27 californiagirly111 Commuting from UMD College Park to UMB (Law School)

Hi everyone!

I need some help. I've searched high and low for answers here! Is there currently a shuttle from UMD College Park to UMB (either the medical center or the law school, or somewhere close)?

If not, how is the commute? I'm open to a shuttle, driving, trains... anything, really. I'm not from the area and I need help! My partner will be commuting into DC (Union station) so College Park seems to be a good kind-of-midpoint.

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