2022.01.19 00:55 memseteam32 Question

I called harbors freight customer service today (800-444-3353) with a question about a piece missing from a welder that I purchase. I had to send proof of purchase for the welder. When I received the email it was from RWS parts. Has anyone had this? Thanks!
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2022.01.19 00:55 latexlover1920 [Request] White Teen Indian

Anyone interested to trib white teen indian chick? DM me
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2022.01.19 00:55 Badkus757 New Neil Young. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Welcome Back

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2022.01.19 00:55 Less_Famous_Miz Why doesn't the Infinite after match scoreboard sort from bed to worst?

Like EVERY other Halo ever?
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2022.01.19 00:55 dylanshr14 Yo
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2022.01.19 00:55 The_SR Axis vs. Allies in the original COH

It seems to me that the axis is way more powerful than the allies in the original Company of Heroes. The axis has much more artillery options, better tanks, millions of ways to destroy bridges (which the allies don't have; very important in maps like Archelous river), and better mechanics overall. I thus find it very difficult to play as Americans overall. Am I alone in this? The only benefit I can possibly see with the Americans is that you can get out troops and vehicles a bit faster in the beginning, which still doesn't outweigh the negatives imo.
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2022.01.19 00:55 EstablishmentSea3443 Rate my poem :)

A Feather And A Painting.
Inside the walls I cried to see A feather, a painting, A sign I'll be free.
Groundingly still, yet I frantically paced, Aimlessly hoping, That dreams become faced.
The sounds of the ceilings captured my ears, The silence is deadly, But there's more to fear.
Beneath my feet the floor is shrinking, I'm alone and I'm lost, Will I forever be thinking?
Inside the walls I cried to see, A feather, a painting, I'll never be free.
Just a back sorry to the poem; This is a poem inspired by the times of darkness and hopelessness. Whilst I enjoy writing happy and spiritual poetry, I think it is important to explore the depths of intensity our minds can reach.
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2022.01.19 00:55 PotterheadZZ Professor Still Not Assigned

I have a class tomorrow morning that not only does not have a Moodle page, but navigate and mylsu say that the class has yet to be assigned a professor. I've received no email regarding it whether it be a cancellation of the class or the professor. Should I even bother going to class tomorrow?
Class is OCS 1005 section 2.
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2022.01.19 00:55 SudipBhai Yogesh Bhattrai VS Prem Aale || Who is right?

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2022.01.19 00:55 size19shoe LF Divinity Set Trade

I am looking to trade 5/5 sage socket chung divinity for a 5/5 raven divinity set
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2022.01.19 00:55 I_have_no_life_help- ‘Young hee’

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2022.01.19 00:55 Brycemiller623 Hey does anyone have a pdf of the text book for asking the right questions a guide for critical thinking? Thanks.

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2022.01.19 00:55 ars1009 Received call from USCIS Tampa Office on Pending I -751 for scheduled N400

My interview for N400 is scheduled for Monday. I received a call from Tampa office informing me to bring my wife because I 751 is pending.
Last month I contacted USCIS through call and chat and they all told me to follow the interview notice of n400 which didn’t ask me to bring my wife.
Conclusion - if you have pending I 751 and interview is scheduled for just n400. Do bring your wife even if letter doesn’t mention
I was looking for this answer here and didn’t find relevant answer. Therefore I am posting this update. Hope it helps you.
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2022.01.19 00:55 chapo_escobar So gorgeous

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2022.01.19 00:55 kevbodavidson Got my new eink display setup thanks to u/geekuillaume

Got my new eink display setup thanks to u/geekuillaume was the original post I followed...
Installed ESPHome in Home Assistant with this
Plugged in my Lilygo T5 into my Home Assistant Server and flashed it with ESPHome.. Then pasted the bottom half of u/geekuillaume's config from here to the newly flashed ESPHome wirelessly.
Still need to figure out what will replace 3d printer and Coffee Machine, but off to a great start.
Love this community, and can't wait to mess with more ESPHome devices, as I am impressed with the interface and OTA flashing ability.
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2022.01.19 00:55 jellyske Kess Dissident Mage casual deck help

My existing decks have been feeling a bit too strong for my pod lately (high-powered casual Krenko, Teysa Karlov, Maelstrom Wanderer), and I'm looking to build something a bit cheaper and less oppressive/threatening.
I've put together this Kess deck, that aims to just do her thing and play lots of instants/sorceries, and perhaps do some big damage with some mana rituals and Exsanguinate/Crackle with Power.
As I've never dabbled with a spellslinger deck, I'd appreciate any input on the current deck. I'm purposely avoiding any Consultation/Thassa combos or anything infinite, as I'd like to keep the deck to a 5 or 6ish powerlevel.
Any Kess players that could recommend other cool budget nuke spells or things I could remove/include? Thanks!
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2022.01.19 00:55 paid4bydoge Anyone do any mods?!!

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2022.01.19 00:55 UghhhIdkkk Tubing nearby

Does anyone know where you can go tubing nearby? Any nearby ski hills that do it? Looking for some winter activities outside
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2022.01.19 00:55 slayqueen299192 a little tip to kill sv on surfaces!

at really any drug store or store they have hydrogen peroxide wipes (originally meant for cuts) but i use these for surfaces. hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 3% or higher is enough to kill sv strains and most viruses, bacteria. make sure to look at the concentration for 3% or high because lower will not be effective
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2022.01.19 00:55 ms_k8e Enrolled Nursing in South Australia

I know this sub is world wide and happy for anyone to comment and offer advice. I am a third stage enrolled nursing student who is currently based in the A.C.T and was looking at relocating to South Australia at the end of 2022. I have been looking at the S.A government's career website and private hospital websites but can't seem to find any hospital's that take EN new grads. Is this a common thing in S.A?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.19 00:55 leRPhARO Marisol Yotta erotic dance

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2022.01.19 00:55 pennywise134 How does connecting to a malicious site compromise a metamask wallet?

I’ve never understood how connecting to a malicious site can compromise a metamask wallet. How are they able to gain access to the seed phrase/private keys of the wallet by simply connecting the wallet to a site?
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2022.01.19 00:55 thecartplug Evo coil pops out

I've now had my boost evo for less than a month. In the last few days I've noticed it giving me a no coil error alot making me remove and reset the bucket. I was cleaning it cause it did get some gunk on and around the cup thinking that may be causing it. After cleaning it I noticed that even though I was sure the coil connected magnetically when I first got it, it definitly isnt doing that now. Right after noticing that, while I was heating it to remove residual iso before my dab, the coil just popped out. I was wondering if maybe I imagined the magnetic connection. Either way if anybody has had this issue or knows if a new coil would fix it it would be much appreciated.
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2022.01.19 00:55 Familiar_Big3322 The is how it's done:

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2022.01.19 00:55 SirSouless Is there a way to change what color the lights are when pressing the FN key on a GS66?

I was just wondering if there was a way to change the coloring of the lights when pressing the FN key, its only a solid red and I was hoping I could change the colors to match my keyboard. I did not know if it was a setting in the steelseries app or something different.
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